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Planetary Date: Volume 1 Issue 2

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DL470 Industrial Computer pre-integrated with Think & Do or LookoutDirect/
DL05 4-channel analog input expansion module/
H2-SERIO 205 Multi-Port Serial Module/
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December's Industrial Computing magazine contains article that features WinPLC data monitoring system in our race car

     DL470 Industrial Computer with Think & Do or LookoutDirect
The DL470 industrial PC line, a practical hardware platform for PC-based industrial applications, has the same form
factor as the DL405 8-slot rack, convenient for panel mounting. The DL470 has a Pentium 200MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 2.0GB hard drive, two serial ports, one parallel port, a built-in 10Base T Ethernet port, and an external SCSI controller. The Ethernet port allows instant connectivity to our DL205 or DL405 I/O, when equipped with Ethernet Based Controllers. Expansion slots allow integration of motion, vision, and other PC-based interface cards. DL470 industrial computers pre-loaded with Windows NT or Windows 98 are now shipping, and the versions with Think & Do PC-based control or LookoutDirect HMI software are not far behind.
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     DL05 Micro PLC Analog Input option module
The next DL05 option module will be available mid-December, and will give the DL05 analog capability! The F0-04AD-1 ($69) supports four 12-bit 0-20mA or 4-20mA current analog input signals for use in monitoring and control applications. (P.S. Watch here for more versions of analog modules in the future!) For more info and specs,
     Serial Port module for use with the DL205 WinPLC
The H2-SERIO module ($149) is a 3-port, RS-232 serial I/O interface module for use with the WinPLC. These additional
serial ports allow connection to devices such as barcode scanners, scales, printers, modems, etc. Each WinPLC can support 3 of these modules in the system. For more info and specs,
click page=/store/plc/winplc.html

* New proximity sensors include 2-wire DC in 12, 18, and 30 mm diameters, 12 and 18 mm stainless steel 4-wire DC models which provide IP68 rating, and 30 mm AC models.
* The D0-01MC module ($39) is an option card for the DL05 micro PLC which inserts into the expansion slot available on all DL05 modules, contains battery-backed RAM and clock/calendar
* Koyo optical rotary encoder models include standard and hollow shaft versions of incremental models (up to 2500 lines) and absolute sensing models. 5VDC line driver miniature models work with our new Hitachi SJ300 drives.

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Free demos and software upgrades downloadable from Web
Don't forget that we offer free demo software for the following products:
* DirectSOFT programming
* LookoutDirect PC-based HMI
* ViaDirect UltraLITE Schematic software

Also available from the Web site are upgrades and maintenance releases for DirectSOFT, DDE Server, the Optimation Editor, LookoutDirect, and ScreenCreator (for DirectTouch panels).

Recent release: DirectSOFT v3.0b Maintenance release, adds support for DL05 memory/clock/calendar option module.

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Check out December's issue of Industrial Computing magazine for their "In the Real World" column. This month it features the Motorsports team and the WinPLC data monitoring system that we installed in the car this past season. The television audience got to see data such as car speed, acceleration/braking intensity and gear position, televised from the car real-time.
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