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Volume 11 Issue 2, February 2009
We hope you find this issue of our e-mail update of what's new at AutomationDirect informative and, at times, a little amusing.
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Editor's note:

Recede or proceed?

BusinessIn these tough global economic times, we hear many things. I read a report recently in which one "expert" says the current recession will be over by third quarter of 2009. Other "experts" say they have no idea how long it will last. Still others are very optimistically saying "this year is going to be great."

No matter what happens, we remain steadfast. We are committed to helping our customers meet their industrial control needs, at an affordable price, and backed with the award-winning support to which they are accustomed.

We continue to offer new products, in various categories, to be your one-stop supplier for industrial control.

In this month's newsletter, you'll learn of the newest products we have available, read the latest company news, and then take a break with the Lighter Side.
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Company News

More Live Web seminars scheduled

AutomationDirect Webinar StudioAs mentioned in our last newsletter, we have totally revamped the way you view our Webinars. While past Web seminars proved beneficial, we felt the need to demonstrate our products in more ways than with a slide show. The new "talk-show" style features hands-on demonstrations of many of the products offered by AutomationDirect.
Check out the schedule of added topics here. Also, check out the new site to view pre-recorded Web seminars and register for upcoming live ones.

Up next are:

C-More© Touch Panels March 11, 2009 2:00 EST
In this 40 min seminar we will cover the C-more touch panels, including features such as number of colors, symbols, analog touch screen, USB, Compact Flash, and Ethernet connectivity, audio output, older project conversion, advanced animation, project simulation, built-in FTP server, e-mail client and Web server. We will show a live software demo and offer a Question/Answer session.
C-More Micro Graphic Panels March 25, 2009 2:00 EST
In this 40 min session, you will learn about the options packed into this micro panel with features like: Touch screen models, multiple colored backgrounds, graphic objects and bitmaps, add on keypads, project simulator and FREE software. We will show a live software demo and offer a Question/Answer session.

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Now comment on and share Notebook articles

February NotebookAfter our most recent issue of Automation NOTEBOOK (, a reader sent in his perspective on the cover article and suggested we start a Letters to the Editor department – great idea! Look for it in the next print issue, but in the meantime, we went online with it. You now have the ability to comment on the current issue's articles posted on the Notebook site.

See the current cover article for an example (scroll to the bottom of the article for the comment link). We also added a "share" icon at the top of the current articles, which allows you to email, bookmark or share the link on all the most popular networking sites. (We'll be adding comment and sharing capabilities to past articles as time permits.)

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Product News

ProSense™ line now includes temperature sensors

ProSense Temperature sensorsOur ProSense line of process sensors now includes temperature switches, temperature transmitters and RTD temperature probes. The TSD25 series switches offer dual output setpoints over an operating temperature range of -13 to 284°F. With 4-20mA analog outputs, the TTD25 series of transmitters provides a compact temperature monitoring system over temperature ranges from 0 to 100°C or 0 to 300°F. The four-wire, 100 ohm platinum RTD probes are made of durable 316 stainless steel and measure temperatures ranging from -40 to 302°F. The 10 mm diameter probes are available in lengths from 160 mm to 560 mm. Thermowells and fittings are also available. Temperature switches are $89.00, transmitters $125.00, and RTD probes start at $29.00.

To see the complete ProSense line, visit

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Photoelectric sensors added

NEW 18mm SensorsAutomationDirect has added several models to its 18mm photoelectric sensor line. The new NPN and PNP diffuse sensors feature one normally-open and one normally-closed output and have a sensing range up to 600mm. Also added are through-beam emitter and receivers in up to six-meter sensing ranges. The photoelectric sensors are available in axial and right angle optics, and offer embedded or quick-disconnect cable exits. Prices start at $33; components are available for same-day shipping.

To see the complete photoelectric sensor line,

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Wire management tool offering expanded

NEW 18mm SensorsWe've added to our line of wire stripping and crimping tools. Priced at $65.25, the self-adjusting wire cutting and stripping tool handles stranded wires to 8AWG and solid wires up to 16 AWG. Easily interchangeable blades allow stripping of a wide range of insulations with just one wire stripper tool. The $20.25 simple and precise cable stripping tool removes the sheath from copper and fiber optic audiovisual, data transmission, instrumentation, signal, and telephone cables. The new modular ratchet crimp tool has a wide range of interchangeable crimping dies that enables the user to cover most wire size and terminal type crimps with just one tool frame. The frame (handle) is $45.50 and most crimp dies are $31.50.

To see the wire management tool line,

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Tech tips

AutomationNotebook Application StoriesHave you ever wondered in what unique ways others are using AutomationDirect products? We have an extensive list of user applications on both our main Web site and on the Automation NOTEBOOK site.

Plus, you can submit your unique application to inspire other readers.
Your application story could find its way to either a feature in our e-newsletter or be developed into a full article for a future issue of Automation NOTEBOOK. For stories used in the e-newsletter, we will credit your AutomationDirect account $50. Stories used in Automation NOTEBOOK earn a $500 credit.

To jumpstart your inspiration, here are just a couple of the applications posted:

submit app storyA customer in Alabama uses a DirectLOGIC DL05 to control a CNC plasma cutting machine head. The PLC controls the cutting head height in conjunction with proximity sensors and a stepper motor in a closed-loop stand-alone application. Control accuracy is .021", resulting in consistent cuts eliminating operator observation and intervention during the cutting process.

Another customer uses the DL205 PLC aboard an ocean going split hull dump scow. The PLC is used to integrate diesel engine control, hydraulic control and telemetry. The scow receives radio signals from a tugboat to start the engine, open and close the scow and stop the engine. Several safety interlocks and automatic functions are programmed into the PLC.

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The Lighter Side
(from the land of tech support)

FishI was working in the phone support group and answering voice mails that had been left the previous night when I got to one message that got my attention. It was a man's voice with a heavy Jamaican accent, "If someone does not call me back as soon as possible, FISH WILL DIE!!!"

As you can probably guess, this message got my attention. I pictured a man holding a fish hostage, and if his call was not returned soon, I was afraid he might do something terrible to that fish. I know phone support people are used to all types of threats, but I had never had anyone threaten a fish before.

After making contact with him, the urgency of his message became clear. It was not a fish hostage situation after all. It seems that his PLC-controlled water filtration system had stopped working for the large public aquarium and he was worried that the killer whales might be at risk.  After a few minutes on the phone the problem was resolved and the whales were saved.


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