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    -Check out the latest FIRST commercial
    -Doug Bell adds more training videos
    -Free TECH2GO DVD available on request
    What's the Latest Online?
    -Motion Control and Process Control seminars available on demand
    -Upcoming Web seminars
    -New Productivity3000 videos on Learn site
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    -Volatile Material Handling for IBM
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Volume 12 Issue 9, October 2010
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Editor's note:

Welcome Autumnal equinox!

It's that time of year again. Temperatures are starting to cool, leaves are changing, and soon trick-or-treaters will come knocking on your door. It's always fun to see the little ghosts, goblins, princesses, cowboys, and space creatures roaming the neighborhoods and boasting of their sugar-loaded swag.

Did you know that AutomationDirect products are used in many fall and Halloween displays? We'd love to hear how you use them. Send us an email describing how you automate your haunted houses and scenes. If we like what you tell us, and chances are we will, your story just might appear in a future enewsletter.

This month's newsletter contains information on our latest product releases, the latest webinar schedule, information on our latest online videos and more. If you need a break, take a breather with the Lighter Side.

Be sure to send us information about your applications. We are always excited to learn the unique ways customers use AutomationDirect products.

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Company News

Check out the latest FIRST commercial

Forsyth FIRST Robotics
Once again, our talented college intern has created an entertaining commercial for our local movie theatre advertising space, encouraging local students to get involved in one of the many Robotics programs at their schools. AutomationDirect's support of the Forsyth Alliance has enabled that umbrella organization to expand its support beyond the FIRST teams, to VEX, BEST and MATE (underwater robot competition). See the video now posted on our Learn site or on our YouTube channel titled "FIRST Robotics in Forsyth County".

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Interconnecting Automation

Doug Bell adds more training videos

ICA home

Our favorite PLC trainer Doug Bell has added new courses to his Online Automation School. The low-priced courses are a great way to further your knowledge in PLCs and automation products at your own pace.

The Drives 101 Video Library teaches the basics of AC drives and motors, DC motors, and more. The library consists of more than 20 pre-recorded videos addressing often difficult-to-master topics such as motor types, Variable Frequency Drives, motor speed control and more. The cost of this course is $24.95 for one month of unlimited viewing.

Among his newest topics, you'll find a library of 56 data collection videos covering each of the Bizware data collection software products including: DataWorx, DataWork Pro, Datalynks, and DataWorx P3K. At a cost of $29.95 for one month of unlimited viewing, the extensive library provides in-depth tutorials to identify key elements and benefits of a database, plus communication, data verification, testing and more.

Additionally, Doug has launched a new continuing education course for programmable logic controllers based on the CLICK PLC. Priced at $195, each student is allowed 120 days to complete the course of study. The course includes online study and instruction, as well as quizzes, writing multiple programs (reviewed by the instructor), progress testing and a comprehensive final exam. Upon successful completion, students receive a completion certificate and continuing education units.

Visit Doug's Interconnecting Automation site to learn more about the courses offered, view sample videos and for course pricing.

Note: The site requires the latest version of Flash Player and the latest browser updates to view the videos.

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Free TECH2GO DVD available on request

Tech2Go DVDYou don't always have access to the Internet when you're out in the field, so we've come up with a way for you to have the most helpful resources currently available on our online Tech Support site wherever you are. Our new "TECH2GO" DVD contains our catalog, all product manuals in PDF form, FAQs, sample programs, even software and firmware updates - accessed by a menu that mimics the Tech Support home page. For resources that couldn't be put on the DVD, the links are active to the live site. Request your free copy on our Catalog Request page on the main AutomationDirect Web site.

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What's the Latest Online?

Process Control and Motion Control seminars available on demand

AutomationTalk - Process

In the Process Control episode, Shane and Tom explain what process control is, and what products AutomationDirect offers which are useful in process control applications. They cover devices that sense temperature and pressure, explain the basics of temperature controllers and which PLCs to use to accomplish PID control. They also look at signal conditioning, and review information on timer relays useful in this area of automation control. [watch now]

AutomationTalk - Motion

You have been asking for Motion Control in our AutomationTalk shows and seminars. In this episode, Shane and Tom start by showing how to implement motion control with AutomationDirect's stepper motors and Micro PLCs. There are many options for using motion control with Micro PLCs and the guys explain what to purchase and how to set it up. They also give demonstrations and discuss real world applications. [watch now]

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Upcoming Webinars

We continue to add new Web seminars to the schedule on our AutomationTalk site. The 45-minute shows feature both product overviews and more detailed application-based examples. Each live seminar includes a question and answer time where our hosts address questions from viewers. You can also view recorded episodes at your convenience.

Upcoming Web Seminars include:AutomationTalk

  • Power Products
    October 13th 2:00PM EST
  • Productivity3000 Overview – October 20th 2:00PM EST
  • DirectSOFT Advanced II – November 10th 2:00PM
  • Productivity3000 Advanced I – November 17th 2:00PM EST
  • NITRA Pneumatics Overview – December 8th 2:00PM EST

Register today to attend the free online seminars. If you don't see a specific topic of interest, contact us with your idea. Our team will consider it for future seminars.

New Productivity3000 videos on Learn site

New P3000 video

In the two-part series, "How to Configure the Productivity3000 Programmable Controller," Shane presents an "out-of-the-box" experience showing how easily you can set up and configure the Productivity3000 controller. You will see how quickly the controller is assembled and configured in the programming software. Shane also explains how the Productivity3000's auto detect feature allows you to quickly establish communication with a GS variable frequency AC motor drive and a C-more touch panel.

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From Automation NOTEBOOK  

AutomationNOTEBOOKVolatile Material Handling for IBM

Silane gas is an extremely volatile compound used in an ultra-pure method to apply silicon in manufacturing semiconductors and solar panels. IBM's T.J. Watson Research Facility, in Yorktown Heights, NY, was in need of a better control and delivery system for this fragile compound. With the help of KCC Software, of Huntsville, AL, safe storage and delivery of this gas to their many labs has been achieved.

Read the full article which was featured in the latest Automation NOTEBOOK.

Remember, we are always looking for user application stories. If you have an application story to share with our readers, contact us. We could include it in a future newsletter or an issue of Automation NOTEBOOK..


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The Lighter Side
From various stops along the Internet

Kids Halloween jokes


Q: Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
A: Dayscare centers

Q: Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?
A: His ghoul friend

Q: What do witches put on their hair?
A: Scare spray

Q: What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?
A: Pumpkin Pi

Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
A: Bamboo

Q: Where do spooks like to water ski?
A: On Lake Erie

Q: What happened to the guy who didn't pay his exorcist?
A: He was repossessed

Q: How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern?
A: With a pumpkin patch

Q: Why was the mummy so tense?
A: He was all wound up

Q: What type of monster really loves dance music?
A: The boogieman 

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