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    - Hammond encapsulated power transformers
    - Dold safety relays
    - Stainless steel and rectangular sensors added
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Volume 13 Issue 2, February 2011
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Editor's note:

We’re almost there!

We're almost there!

Groundhog Day has come and gone and we’ve recovered from the sugar comas induced from all the chocolate-filled Valentine’s hearts. We only have a little over three weeks left of winter. Bring on spring!

Across the nation, this winter has been one for the record books. The massive amounts of snow and brutally cold temperatures are on their way to our memory banks. Soon, we’ll once again hear the sounds of birds chirping and we’ll see nature awaken from its long three-month nap.

This month’s newsletter contains all the latest information, including company news, new product information, our latest webinar schedule, and more. Be sure to a break with the Lighter Side.

Don’t forget to send us information, about your applications. We are always excited to learn the unique ways customers use AutomationDirect products.

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Company News

10,000 parts and counting!

10,000 parts and counting!

With our latest product releases, AutomationDirect now carries well over 10,000 products for industrial control systems. Much has changed over the years, particularly with information and ordering capabilities online.Our 24/7 store Web site,, has exhaustive information available about each product. You can view or download specifications (in PDF format) from many points on the store – the online catalog , overview pages, store part lists, and the part item level.  For the most product detail, visit the item level page. Here, there are links to the specifications, any CAD drawings, agency approval list, customer reviews, and even recommended items that may be needed. The quickest way to get to the item level is to search on the part number; it is typically the first result. And if the part has been discontinued, don’t worry – we still archive the specifications, and show you what replacement parts may be appropriate.

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Value Add Shop

Value Add ShopIn keeping with our objective to provide the best value in industrial control products, AutomationDirect’s new Value Add Shop provides customers with cost savings by packaging some of our high-quantity packaged products into smaller pre-defined quantities. Product areas where this has been done include our fuses, supplementary protectors, DIN rail, and flex cord.
Other services from the Value Add Shop include some pre-assembly and customization. We can pre-assemble Productivity3000 controller racks with I/O modules based on your specifications. For a nominal charge, this service can save you time and effort, allowing you to complete projects or machine assembly more quickly. For more information on this assembly service, please visit the Productivity3000 Web site.

For OEMs, the Value Add Shop can apply customer-supplied logo overlays to our products, which gives the equipment a custom look. We’re continuing to find more ways to meet your specific needs. If there is something we could do for you, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate the idea.

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Latest Product News

Hammond encapsulated power transformers

Hammond encapsulated power transformers

We’ve expanded our Hammond line of HPS Fortress commercial encapsulated power transformers. The single phase units are now available in 100VA up to 25kVA ratings and input voltage ranges of 120VAC to 480VAC. All units are encapsulated with electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds to protect the core and coils, sealing out moisture and airborne contaminants and eliminating corrosion and deterioration. The NEMA 3R enclosures meet or exceed NEMA and ANSI standards for indoor and outdoor applications, and are UL and CSA listed as well as CE approved. The Fortress series encapsulated power transformers are backed with a 10-year limited warranty.
Prices start at $77.

To see the full line of HPS Fortress commercial encapsulated power transformers, visit:

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Dold safety relays

Dold safety relays

Dold safety relay devices are now available for use in industrial applications.

LG5924 Series relays are single-channel E-stop relays designed to protect people and machines in applications with emergency stop buttons.
Available with 24 VDC, 110 VAC, and 230 VAC coil voltages, LG5924 series safety relays start at $88.

LG5925 Series relays are dual-channel E-stop/safety gate relays designed for applications with emergency stop buttons and safety gates. Available with 24 VAC/DC, 110 VAC, and 230 VAC coil voltages, the Category 4-rated relays are designed with three normally-open positive guided safety contacts and one normally-closed monitoring contact. Prices for LG5925 series safety relays start at $115.

The BH5928 Series relays are also designed for applications with emergency stops and safety gates. This dual-channel series provides one or two channels which can be monitored with the time delay function. Output configuration options include either three normally-open time delay positive guided safety contacts, or two instantaneous positive guided safety contacts and one normally-closed instantaneous monitoring contact. Three time delay options with potentiometer adjustment are available (depending on model) ranging from 0.1 to 30 seconds. The 24 VDC Category 4 relays can be wired with or without cross-fail monitoring in the E-stop loop. Prices for the BH5928 series safety relays start at $198.

The BG5933 and BH5933 Series relays offer protection for applications with two-hand buttons or production machinery with dangerous closing movements. Available with 24 VAC/DC, 110 VAC, and 230 VAC coil voltages, the Category 4-rated relays are equipped with internal positive temperature coefficient resistor short circuit and voltage-dependent resistor overvoltage protection. These safety relays provide inputs for two pushbuttons. Prices for BG5933 and BH5933 series safety relays start at $139.

Category-4 rated light curtain controllers have also been added. Designed for light curtains with symmetric or asymmetric outputs, the LG5925 24 VDC light curtain controller features three normally-open positive guided safety contacts and one normally-closed monitoring contact and provides single or two-channel operation; this controller is priced at $115. The BH5902 multi-function controller, priced at $339, can connect up to three light curtains, and offers protection, muting, and stepping modes.

See the full line of Dold safety relay products at:

See our full line of safety components at:

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Stainless steel and rectangular sensors added

Stainless steel and rectangular sensors added

Our offering of industrial sensors now includes the PEW series of stainless steel DC proximity sensors. The shielded 8mm sensors are flush-mountable and feature a 2mm sensing range. Available with either M8 or M12 quick disconnects, they are equipped with LED status indicators visible at wide angles, and have PNP outputs.
PEW series inductive proximity sensors are priced at $45.

Also added are the LF40 series rectangular inductive DC proximity sensors. Two shielded and two unshielded models are available with 20mm or 35mm sensing ranges. The rectangular plastic PNP sensors provide either normally-open or normally-open/normally-closed complementary outputs.
LF40 series sensor prices start at $39.

To see the complete line of proximity sensors, visit:

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What's the Latest Online?

Doug Bell launches DirectLOGIC video library


Interconnecting Automation Online

Many have taken advantage of the online training courses Doug Bell hosts on AutomationDirect products. His newest series is an in-depth look at DirectLogic ® PLC series components. The library offers more than 60 tutorials which last an average of 8 minutes each. Topics include inputs, outputs, programming instructions and more. This course includes access to all “Intro to PLC 101” videos, with unlimited access for 30 days with your paid subscription of $39.95. Visit the Interconnecting Automation site for a complete listing of all videos and course categories.

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Give us your 2 cents

Give us your 2 centsOur newest forum category is where you can tell us what you think. The Give Us Your 2 Cents forum is the place to provide feedback and make requests on anything from Web seminar topics to our Web store to our company in general, you name it. You’ll have opportunities to participate in brief surveys, provide application story ideas and answer occasional questions. It’s our latest way for you to Give Us Your 2 Cents!

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Upcoming FREE Webinars

Win an iPod Nano!

We continue to have great response to our Web seminars. Our 45-minute shows feature both product overviews and more detailed application-based examples. Each seminar includes a question and answer time where our hosts address questions from viewers. You can also view recorded episodes at your convenience.

Upcoming Web Seminars include:AutomationTalk

  • Pneumatics –
    March 16th 2:00PM EST
  • CLICK PLC Advanced I –
    March 30th 2:00PM EST
  • Productivity3000 Update –
    April 13th 2:00PM EST
    Tell us how you use Productivity3000 and you’ll be entered in a drawing for an iPod Nano.

Register today to attend the free online seminars. If you don’t see a specific topic of interest, contact us with your idea. Our team will consider it for future seminars.

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Application Innovations

Let AutomationDirect Help You and Your Company Become Rich and Famous!

Earn from your application story

All you have to do is fill out this brief form, then we’ll have one of our expert technical writers contact you to develop a story about one of your exciting applications that use our products. Short articles will be posted to our Web site, and your company will receive a $50 credit. Longer articles will be published in one or more industry leading trade magazines, and your company will receive a $500 credit! Plus, your company will be able to use the article as a sales and marketing tool to promote your own products and services. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form and you’ll find the results well worth your time, so don’t delay and fill out the form today!

Remember, we are always looking for user application stories. If you have an application story to share with our readers, contact us. We could include it in a future newsletter or an issue of Automation NOTEBOOK.


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The Lighter Side

Roller BladeI have one question: “Why?”

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It takes all kinds.” Recently that saying could not have been truer. A Discovery Channel television show featured an adrenaline junkie from Germany at a theme park in Stuttgart. Fitted with custom inline skates, 36-year-old stuntman Dirk Auer decided it would be fun to skate the entire length of a monstrous wooden roller coaster. Admitting the extreme danger, he spent two months planning the stunt and designing and building his custom skates equipped with 16 wheels each.

Fighting extreme G forces and reaching speeds near 56 mph, Mr. Auer traveled the complete circuit, over 2,821 feet, in just over 60 seconds. While it was impressive to watch, I must ask, “Why?”

Discovery Networks posted his feat on YouTube. You may ask the same question after you watch it. Or, maybe your reaction will be, “Why not?!”

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