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E-Notes from Captain's Log
Volume 2 Issue 1

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EDITOR'S NOTES Happy 2000! We have a ton of new product lines, as well as additional products in existing lines, to introduce to you this year. So get ready for everything from new sensors and switches to more Windows CE products!



1) NEW PRODUCTS Cutler-Hammer Stacklights/ Think & Do Release 5.2
     Third party develops thermocouple module for use with DL05
     VARS and OEM/Integrators can help with local support
5) RACING NEWS Miller Racing Corvette gears up for 2000 season



Cutler-Hammer Stacklights for your safety requirements

We now carry selected components and preassembled towers from the Cutler-Hammer E26 series of modular stacklights. The pre-assembled two-light stack (red/green combo) costs $61, while the three-light stack (green/amber/red lights) costs $82. To build you own tower, we've got standard and flashing bases, extension tubes, light modules, xenon strobes in clear or red, monotonal, bitonal, and intermittent alarm modules, and incandescent and LED replacement bulbs. Individual incandescent light modules, for $21 each, are available in green, amber, red and blue. All E26 electronic modules are available in either 24V AC/DC or 125V AC/DC voltage levels. These stacklights do not require tools for assembly or lamp replacement, are NEMA 4X rated (light modules) for washdown capability, and are UL/CUL listed and CE marked. For more info, click page=/store/sens/stacklights.html


Think & Do Release 5.2 expands Windows CE support and more

Think & Do Software now includes these features in release 5.2:

For details on Think & Do software, including many new application stories, go directly to For general info on Think & Do software and related hardware products, click page=/store/sw/thinkndo.html



To check all the latest product news, click



A new maintenance release of DirectSOFT, Rel. 3.0c, will be ready around the end of January that will support the built-in PID function (up to 4 loops) in the DL05 instruction set. This will allow you to take maximum advantage of the new analog option module for the DL05 PLC, where the analog input(s) can be used as the process variable for the PID loop(s). The 3.0c release will be available as a free download from the Web site to all 3.X (32-bit) DirectSOFT customers. For more info on DirectSOFT, Click page=/store/sw/directsoft.html



Thermocouple module communicates to DL05 via serial link

Pyramid Industries is a systems integrator that designs automated control and monitoring systems for manufacturing, material handling, and OEM applications. Pyramid is now selling an input module that enables the DL05 to take in thermocouple data, via its second serial port using DirectNET protocol. The module supports up to 6 inputs of type K or J, with input voltage ranges of mv (0-50) or volts (0-5v). To see more technical details, click

VARs and OEM/Integrators can help with local support

We have superb phone-in tech support, but if you need on-site assistance or want turnkey project development, check out our VARs and our growing list of integrators on the Web site. You may find one in your region or in your required area of expertise. To see the listing, Click page=/support/vars.html

If you are an OEM or integrator that currently uses our products and would like to be request a listing, please email a request for the Qualification Questionaire to



The 2000 season is gearing up already, and we're revamping the graphics for the new Corvette, a futuristic gearhead sort of look, but of course the smiley guy still reigns front and center. We did some wind tunnel testing back in December and have a lot of data to turn into ideas for making the car go faster. See you at the first race, at Sebring on March 17!


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