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E-Notes from Captain's Log
Volume 2 Issue 2

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National Manufacturing Week in Chicago is coming up in March, and although we don't have our own exhibit (we consider that money better spent on improving our customer services), you may see some of our staff wandering around in snazzy smiley face shirts. Stop them and ask how you can get one for yourself. Also check out the Think & Do booth, #6240, to see all our Windows NT and CE-based PC control hardware and Think & Do's latest products.



1) NEW PRODUCTS Hands-on PLC training video with pre-wired Trainer from ICA
Application Story Center now online Answer these questions to help us with product research
5) e-STORE NEWS Improved online quotes and order confirmation in the e-store
6) RACING NEWS New sponsor and paint job to start the 2000 season



Get training on PLC principles from new video/trainer

Need to get familiar with PLC logic and principles, and can't take time or money to go to a school somewhere? Our trusted trainer, Doug Bell of Interconnecting Automation Inc (ICA), has developed a hands-on video version of his world-famous PLC training class. He has condensed the most important lessons from his 3-day seminar into a step-by-step two-video set. The package also includes a pre-wired PLC trainer with DL05 micro, push buttons, selector switches, and programming cable ready for you to plug in and start learning. A DL05 User's Manual helps you follow along with Doug in the video. The complete package sells for only $795, and can be ordered directly from Interconnecting Automation. For more info, click page=/training/video.html or go directly to ICA's Web site to get order form at



To check all the latest product news, click



For users who wish to develop their own Visual C/C++ or Visual Basic application using the Windows CE operating system, the new 100MHz H2-WPLC2 will be available in March for $429, while the original 40MHz H2-WPLC1 is value-priced at $359. To develop an application, the user would purchase the appropriate Visual Toolkit for Windows CE from Microsoft and the WinPLC hardware. A WinPLC Software Development Kit will be available at no charge to manage the upload/download/debug process. This kit includes the backplane API, headers and libraries, and utilities to configure and monitor the WinPLC hardware, to read and write to the I/O modules and serial port for debug purposes and to interact remotely with Windows CE in the WinPLC. Application debugging and downloading is done through the WinPLC's onboard 10Base-T Ethernet port. Details will be posted in March. For general info on WinPLC, Click page=/store/plc/winplc.html



Application Story Center now online

We've spent the last couple of months collecting some interesting application briefs on how customers are using our products, and have put together the start of what we hope will be a large library of stories. Right now, there are links to it from Tech Support and the "About the company" page. To see the new story center, click


Answer these questions and help us with product research

We are looking at new products for our AC drive family, and it would be great help if you drives users out there would answer a few questions and email them to the address at the end of the question list. Okay, here goes:
1. Is there a place in the market for 115V single-phase AC drives (which would drive a 3-phase induction motor)?
2. D you have a need for AC drives available in NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 configurations?
To answer, please respond to and enter "Drives study" in the subject line, and in the body, just type the question numbers and the responses. (Example: "1. YES 2. NO")



Improved online quotes and order confirmation in the e-store

Now use the ONLINE QUOTE feature to do print-friendly quick quotes to show your purchasing agent how much money you'll save by buying from! Here's how it works: If you add items to the shopping cart (logged in or not...doesn't matter) and press "Get Quote" at the bottom of the cart screen, you get a print friendly Online Quote page with stock check included. You can add order relevant information and fax in the order, or you can complete the order online.

Also get improved ORDER CONFIRMATION INFO when you place an order: When the "Submit Order" is pressed, a print friendly page is displayed showing Shipping Address, PO#, line items ordered, order totals, contact information, etc. Before, you had to go to the Order Review area to print this for your records.



This season's TransAm series promises to be very interesting, with new cars entered that have never been seen in this series before. Paul Gentilozzi will be fielding a Jaguar XKR, Huffaker/Qvale Motorsports will run a DeTomaso Mangusta, there'll be several Corvettes (including ours), a sprinkling of Olds Cutlasses, as well as the usual Camaros and Mustang Cobras. For a sneak peak at our new paint job, click page=/motorsports/carpaint.html


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