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E-Notes from Captain's Log
Volume 2 Issue 3

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Back from National Manufacturing Week held in Chicago March 13-16. We attended Control Engineering's 1999 Editor's Choice Awards on Sunday night, at which we received an award for the DL05 micro PLC in the Machine Control category. We were pleased that our excellent design team from Koyo was recognized with this award. See the category winners at Think & Do also captured an award in the PC-based Control category, so we were well represented that night!



MICRO SWITCH NEMA limit switches/ Hubbell/Wiegmann enclosures/ 32-bit DSData Server



Application Help Forum helps you answer your toughest questions
Proximity Sensor Cross Reference helps you find savings

5) RACING NEWS Kickoff race at Sebring brings both excitement and disappointment



NEMA limit switches from MICRO SWITCH
MICRO SWITCH NEMA limit switches from Honeywell Sensing and Control are the gold standard of the industry, and we're now carrying the most popular models for your convenience. The initial offering includes units with side or top rotary operating heads starting at $59, for which a number of interchangeable actuators are available. Side rotary units come in standard, low differential travel and low torque/low differential travel. Actuators available include roller and roller levers, adjustable length roller levers, rods and adjustable loop levers. Side adjustable or top roller plunger models, $78 each, are good for close quarters presence detection. Wobble lever units, including a plastic rod and stainless steel coil spring, operate by any movement, except direct pull. For more info, click page=/store/sens/limitswitches.html

Put all your stuff in a box from Hubbell/Wiegmann
Almost all controls need to be mounted in an enclosure of some sort, so it was time we offered those to you at our great prices. We've teamed up with Hubbell/Wiegmann, manufacturers of heavy-duty enclosures for almost 70 years. We're starting with over 150 models, available for shipment direct from their manufacturing facility. Free standing units in NEMA 12 and 4X ratings are available in sizes up to 74" x 72" x 24", and start at $800. Wall mounted enclosures, in 14 gauge steel or stainless, are priced from $16 to fill a variety of requirements, from simple electrical junction boxes to complex control cabinets. For convenient pushbutton installation, NEMA 12 or 4X rated wall mounted pushbutton stations are available in configurations from one to three pushbutton cutouts. For more info, click page=/store/enc/enclosures.html

32 bit Data server includes both OPC and DDE data exchange
The long-awaited 32-bit DSData Server is now shipping under part number PC-DDE for $295. Current 16-bit users can upgrade for only $99 by ordering PC-DDE-UPG. New features include an OPC Server that supports browsing for point and click use with OPC Clients, tear-off toolbars, tool-tips, context sensitive menus via right-mouse click and the new Browser Style Interface. It also adds subtopic support, event logging and new nickname support. DSData Server utilizes the new 32-Bit DirectSoft32 Communication Server, allowing you to use DirectSoft Release 3 and DSData Server concurrently. For more information on DSData Server, with details on the new features, click page=/store/sw/dsdata.html



Our trusted trainer, Doug Bell of Interconnecting Automation Inc (ICA), has developed a hands-on video version of his world-famous PLC training class. The package also includes a pre-wired PLC trainer with DL05 micro, push buttons, selector switches, and programming cable ready for you to plug in and start learning. The complete package sells for only $795, and can be ordered directly from Interconnecting Automation at To check all the latest product news, click



WinPLC is the target of other software developers
Other software manufacturers are starting to target the WinPLC as a platform for their runtime software. eMation, the new company evolved from PCSoft, demonstrated their Unity software at National manufacturing Week. Unity makes WinPLC into an Internet-enabled real-time data acquisition and connectivity system. You can connect any combination of I/O, PLCs, or other plant equipment to live animated graphic displays visible through standard web browsers. Unity offers a fast, simple, and secure method to interact with legacy systems from across your plant or around the world. See more information on Unity at KW Software will turn the WinPLC into an IEC-1131 compliant target, with the five standard programming languages available for control applications. See more information at In both cases, will sell the WinPLC hardware with the runtime firmware embedded. The respective software companies will sell and support their development software. For general info on WinPLC, Click page=/store/plc/winplc.html

LookoutDirect Release 4.0 on the way
Look for Version 4.0 of our PC-based HMI software package LookoutDirect sometime in late April or early May. Version 4.0 makes connecting multiple stations within a production facility or at remote locations easy with the new browse-and-select networking capability. Simply click to select and connect to any PC or process in a TCP/IP-based network, online and in real-time without ever shutting down your process. 4.0 also includes new objects and an integrated OPC server, and of course a wide variety of control device drivers, including Koyo DirectLOGIC serial and Ethernet, Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, Omron and Modbus protocols. For an overview of LookoutDirect, Click page=/store/op/lookoutdirect.html



Application Help Forum going strong
The application help forum was launched on our Web site late last summer, and since then customers have posted over 85 topics on which they asked for help. The response has been amazing, with other customers, our tech team and our "Federation partners" all contributing to help answer the questions posed. There's even an ongoing discussion of traditional ladder logic versus our STAGE programming method! To check out the latest topics, click

Cross reference a competitor's model of proximity sensor to our Centsable one
If you want to try one of our Centsable proximity sensors, but aren't sure which one matches up with a competitor's model you are currently using, check out the cross reference chart available on our Web site. This chart crosses six other manufacturers with our part numbers. Open the PDF file at We are working on a much more comprehensive list, adding our newer part numbers and more manufacturers. We'll let you know when it's available!



The first race of the Trans Am season was held at Sebring on March 17. It was a real roller coaster of a race, with Johnny poised to win until a late yellow flag and restart with one lap to go. Battling for the lead, he mixed it up with Leighton Reese and they both crashed. A supreme disappointment, but we're looking ahead to the next race, in Charlotte on April 1st. For the details on the Sebring race, click page=/motorsports By the way, if you saw the car on TV during that race, you know that we picked up a new sponsor. UPS has worked with very closely in recent years to maximize our shipping effectiveness, and we're excited to have them on board as our transportation specialist for the race team!


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