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E-Notes from Captain's Log
Volume 2 Issue 4

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You may get an inkling from our catalog and our ads that it's a lot of fun to work here at Automationdirect. Well, it's true and there are a lot of reasons for that! Read our company profile to see how we do things and why, and if you can think of anyone who might enjoy working in this environment, have them check out our page of opportunities, including tech support, Web applications developer, motion control product manager and editorial writer. For more info, click page=/company/index.html



Think & Do LIVE!/ 400MHz DL470 Industrial Computer/ Coming soon - triple level DINnectors



Troubleshooting guides online for quick help
Application of the month

Johnny gets his long-awaited first win at Long Beach!



Think & Do LIVE!
Think & Do Live! is an intuitive, easy to use software package for developing and running automation, productivity monitoring and control applications on all kinds of Windows-powered platforms. It's the first product of its kind to give process engineers, production supervisors and plant managers the power to improve productivity and reduce production variability through built-in monitoring of machine downtime and cycle time. Think & Do Live! is only $1895.00, and includes all the basic Think & Do functions, plus monitoring and analysis features. For more info, click page=/store/sw/thinkndo.html

DL470 Industrial PC now boasts 400MHz CPU and more memory
Our DL470 industrial PC gives you PLC reliability and PC performance for just $1895. In the form factor of a DL405 PLC 9-slot rack, the DL470 models come with Windows 98, NT, or 2000, and also pre-loaded with Think & Do PC control software or LookoutDirect HMI. Now get the DL470 with an Intel Celeron 400MHz CPU, 6.1 Gb hard drive and more video memory. Use our Ethernet-based DL405 I/O with it for cheap PC control. For more info, click page=/store/plc/dl470.html

New DINnectors triple your fun
Available after May 31 is the new DINnectors triple level family of terminal blocks for high-density and sensor wiring in a compact 5mm thick design. And by popular demand, we will also start selling a DIN mounted 30A fuse block, with or without an indicating light. For more info, click page=/store/connection/dinnectors.html



MICRO SWITCH NEMA limit switches from Honeywell Sensing and Control are the gold standard of the industry, and we're now carrying the most popular models for your convenience at the lowest unit price you'll find anywhere! There are side and top rotary units with various actuators, side and top roller plungers and wobble sticks and springs. For more info, click page=/store/sens/limitswitches.html

Almost all controls need to be mounted in an enclosure of some sort, so it was time we offered those to you at our great prices. We're starting with over 150 models by Hubbell/Wiegmann, available for shipment direct from their manufacturing facility. Free standing units, wall mounted units and pushbutton stations are available in various NEMA ratings. For more info, click page=/store/enc/enclosures.html

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New inductive proximity switches for those tight spaces Coming mid-summer are new 5mm and 8mm diameter Centsable prox switches, with fixed cable or M8 (8mm) quick disconnect connectors. These pencil-sized units are useful in space-limited applications. For general info on our Centsable proximity switches, Click page=/store/sens/proximity.html



Get help with Troubleshooting guides
All our major manuals contain chapters on troubleshooting the product in pretty good detail. But our tech team has also been developing specialized aids for products some of our newer products, such as drives and motor controls. These can help with basic diagnostic procedures. As we see a pattern of questions or problems our customers need help with, we'll continue to document these to save the next guy some time! To check out the troubleshooting guides available, click page=/support/troubleshooting.html

Application of the Month:

DL405 makes hay whether the sun shines or not
Steffen Systems manufactures automated hay compression equipment. The machine takes a large 1500 lb. bale of hay, cuts it into 3 slabs, weighs each slab into a loading portion, then compresses it to about one third its original length with 1,000,000 lbs. of force. The machine reties the resulting bale with new twines, then transfers the bale into another cutting box, where it is cut again into 3 pieces. This results in a 60 lb. bale about 2-3 times as dense as a regular bale. This allows a customer to load a 40-foot ocean container with over 30 tons of hay, rather than the 10-13 tons that would normally fit. The current Asian market is buying about 3,000,000 tons per year which translates into over 100,000,000 of these mini bales. The machines use about 160 I/O, which allows the whole process to be monitored by one operator. Currently this machine produces 12 of these bales per minute, and we are working on a faster model. We have used Koyo since the start in 1985 to automate ! these machines. Submitted by: Steffen Systems Hay Handling Equipment Salem, Oregon To check out the latest application stories for PLC and PC control, click



April 16 - Johnny Miller wins the TransAm race at Long Beach! It was a big snafu at the end, though - Johnny had been leading the last 10 laps or so, when a yellow flag caused the field to bunch up. The race was green flagged and that next lap (considered the last lap) was carnage. Bunches of cars were out, Johnny included. It wasn't until a few hours later that the race officials decided the timed 1-hour event had actually expired on that last yellow flag lap, when Johnny crossed the finish line about a second after the time limit. The field was awarded their positions at that time, so Johnny got a nice surprise. Hopefully next time we'll win a race without any controversy!


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