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Volume 2 Issue 5

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Terminator field I/O



Technical Web sites supply a wealth of information
Application of the month

5) RACING NEWS Mosport a disappointment, but we got new wheels to get to Detroit!



Terminator I/O coming in August
If you caught the May issue of Control Engineering and read the cover story on Ethernet I/O, you may have spotted the exclusive info announcing our new field I/O product. Terminator I/O is a field bus I/O solution for remote I/O, PC-based control, and distributed control applications that combines all the features of terminal blocks and I/O modules into integrated modules. Network interface modules will include Ethernet, DeviceNet and Profibus, and the I/O modules have triple-stack three-wire device capability, integrated bussed power and common terminals, and fused outputs. This is the only press that will appear until July, as this product line is planned to release in August. Preliminary information is on the Web site at page=/company/press/0500tio.html



Think & Do Live! is an intuitive, easy to use software package for developing and running automation, productivity monitoring and control applications on all kinds of Windows-powered platforms. Think & Do Live! is only $1895.00, and includes all the basic Think & Do functions, plus monitoring and analysis features. For more info, click page=/store/sw/thinkndo.html

Now get the DL470 industrial PC with an Intel Celeron 400MHz CPU, 6.1 Gb hard drive and more video memory. Use our Ethernet-based DL205 or DL405 I/O with it for cheap PC control. For more info, click page=/store/plc/dl470.html

The new DINnectors triple level family of terminal blocks for high-density and sensor wiring in a compact 5mm thick design will be available in August. For more info, click page=/store/connection/dinnectors.html To check all the latest product news, click *********************************************************************************


Best deal on Industrial LCD monitors for your PC-based applications Available in late June, the FPM series 12" and 15" standard and touch screen monitors are ruggedly built industrial display products suitable for factory floor environments. All FPM series displays are plug compatible with your standard computer video card. The Multi Frequency capability of the FPM series provides absolute full screen display of VESA resolutions up to SGA (800x600) for the 12" models, or XGA (1024x768) for the 15" versions. The units incorporate a high quality TFT LCD screen that provides extremely wide viewing angle, and high brightness and contrast, suitable for harsh lighting conditions and off angle viewing. The FPM touch panel models are fitted with a high-resolution analog resistive touch screen. Preliminary information and pricing is on the Web site at page=/store/plc/monitors.html



Technical Web sites for everything from PLCs to drives
We'd like to make our site as helpful as possible to the automation customer, both regarding our own products and also more general topics. We'd like to build a page of links to Web sites that we think contain good stuff for everyone from the novice PLC user ( to the drives application engineer ( and And of course there are the industry publishing sites such as If you have suggestions of sites you frequent that you think are worthwhile, drop us the link at

Application of the Month:
DL05 with Stage programming controls hydraulic press
An older hydraulic press was upgraded from manual controls mounted on the rear of the machine. The new system, with a DL05, has a simplified operator station at the front of the unit does everything via switches, pushbuttons and indicating lights. The DL05 intelligently controls the raising and lowering of the deck by operating an electric solenoid bank via isolation relays. It also turns the electric motor on and off as required, performs system diagnostics, and will even reset the system properly if a fault should occur. The results were an increase in productivity, safer working and reduced maintenance requirements. The reduced maintenance is a result of the intelligent fault handling of the DL05. We sub-divided the system into four distinct parts so that if a fault should occur, troubleshooting occurs quickly and easily and the right maintenance person is then called if follow-up maintenance is required. All of this is done with just one indicator light and one pushbutton. We attribute the success of this project to the DL05 family because of its low cost, ease of interface, the ability to expand in the future by adding one communications cable to another PLC, and the ladder logic structure utilizing stage programming. Submitted by: Shand Power Apparatus Research Corporation Sherwood Park, AB, Canada To check out the latest application stories for PLC and PC control, click



May 30 - Good news, bad news this month! Bad news - The Mosport race in May was another exercise in frustration for Johnny and the Miller Racing team. Coming after the controversial Long Beach race (for which the officials have reversed their position again, and reinstated the drivers' finishes after the "last lap" crashes), Johnny ran a steady race, battling for third place until the end. But again it came down to the last lap, when he and Randy Ruhlman made contact, and while he crossed the finish line in fourth, he was penalized and moved to ninth place. Good news - our new tractor/trailer was delivered with an awesome graphic design job, and it'll take the team to the next race, the street fight in Detroit on June 17.


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