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Volume 2 Issue 7

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SmileyOOPS! We've run out of current catalogs, so we're sending a complete price list and an accompanying CD-ROM in response to catalog requests. The CD-ROM has DirectSOFT32 programming and DS DATAServer working demos, as well as a LookoutDirect HMI demo. It also has catalog PDF files (basically all the technical sections of the catalog), including all the latest products not in the current catalog, like enclosures, NEMA limit switches and SJ300 flux vector drives. Our new catalog will be shipping in mid-October, so if you've received a catalog in the last 18 months, you'll be getting a new one automatically! If not, put in your request now or call 1-800-633-0405

Major news on the site! We are now offering free shipping and handling for online orders! Also, registered users now have a "Personal Home Page" with tailored reports! Details can be found in the Online Store News below.


- DC-powered DL05 PLCs, Automation Power Filters, 5mm proximity sensors, and Mini-DIN limit switches for $10
- Application of the month
- From the pole to the pits, Elkhart Lake was a drag, but Texas was a barnburner!



DC-powered DL05 units released for shipment

DC-powered DL05Go mobile! Two DC-powered models of our popular DL05 brick PLC are now available for shipment. The D0-05DD-D has 8 DC in / 6 DC out, while the D0-05DR-D has 8 DC in/ 6 relay out. Both units come with a 12/24VDC power supply, and are priced at $99. For general information on the DL05 product line, click here.

Filters to protect your PLCs and other equipment

APF Filters The Automation Powerline Filter (APF) from Cutler-Hammer is a high performance surge filter for protecting electronic loads against surges, transients and noise. The APF diverts these disturbances away from the load by being a low impedance path to ground. These filters for automation system applications come in one, three and five amp models in both 120 and 230 VAC input voltage versions. For as little as $82, the APF is a high performance filter at shunt protection prices. And with our 30-day money-back guarantee and a five-year manufacturer's warranty, it's risk-free protection for your system! For information and pricing on the filters, click here.

5mm and 8mm proximity sensors

Our new 5mm and 8mm diameter Centsable prox switches, with fixed cable or M8 (8mm) quick disconnect connectors, offer you more choices in our proximity sensor line. These pencil-sized units are useful in space-limited applications. Information and pricing is on the Web site.

Mini-DIN limit switches for $10

Need a small limit switch for not much money? Six new Centsable double-insulated mini-DIN IEC switches are now available, with actuators such as plunger, roller plunger, one-way lever and steel rod. There are also new versions of our replacement contact blocks, which fit all our Centsable limit switches. Information and pricing is on the Web site.


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New DL205/405 ModulesNew DL205 and DL405 modules for more flexibility

New modules for the DL205 family include the F2-08TR ($73), an 8-point, 2-common relay module which allows up to 10 amps per common and the F2-02DAS-2 ($223), a 2-channel 16-bit isolated unipolar voltage output module. For the DL405 family, the F4-16AD-1 ($516) is a 16-channel, 12-bit 4-20mA input module, while the F4-16AD-2 ($515) supplies 16 channels of unipolar voltage inputs. The F4-04DAS-2 ($436) supplies 4 channels of 16-bit voltage outputs. All these modules will be supported by the PLC CPUs, as well as the EBC modules for Ethernet-based I/O systems. For general information on the DL205 or DL405 product lines, click here for DL205 information or here for DL405 info.

Industrial monitors for your PC-based applications

Our FPM series 12" and 15" standard and touch screen TFT monitors are ruggedly built industrial display products suitable for factory floor environments. All FPM series displays are plug compatible with your standard computer video card. The Multi Frequency capability of the FPM series provides absolute full screen display of VESA resolutions up to SGA (800x600) for the 12" models, or XGA (1024x768) for the 15" versions. We're also carrying cables that can drive your monitor or keyboard up to 100 feet away, with no extra hardware! Information and pricing is on the Web site.

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Free shipping and handling for online orders

E-commerce is more efficient for our business, since we save costs in the entry of orders. Starting now, we will pass some of those cost savings over to you. All online orders over $300 will now be billed with no shipping and handling charges (excluding DIN rail and enclosures, UPS Ground delivery only). See complete terms at the end of the newsletter. We hope you see this as just one more reason to do business with!

Personal Home Page

A new feature is now available on our website which allows you to view and print data about your account with! Once you log in, you will be presented with a "Personal Home Page" tailored just for you. On it, you will find reports, such as order history, open accounts receivable, and product purchase history. By drilling down on these reports, you will discover useful tools, such as invoice images for reprinting, for example. We also provide some of the most popular links on your personal home page to make browsing convenient. As time goes on, look for more tools and features to be added to this page.

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Application of the Month:

DL05 controls CNC plasma cutting machine head with stepper motor
A D0-05DD Micro PLC controls plasma cutting head height over a plate using Censtable proximity sensors and a stepper motor drive in a closed loop stand-alone control. Used on CNC plasma cutting machines, this system's control accuracy is .021" resulting in consistent cuts and eliminating operator observation and intervention in cutting process. The PLC also controls plasma start and stop commands and allows for fully automatic operation without a "babysitter". The inexpensive PLC was the key to bringing this product to market. This complete system is half the price of the competition.

Submitted by:
Gurley, Al

To check out the latest application stories for PLC and PC control, click here.

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2000 Race CarThe race at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin on August 18 saw Johnny take the pole position and lead the pack until problems with the oil pump put him out of the race. The pole was his second this season, and coming off his second-place finish in Cleveland, Johnny had been looking forward to a good finish again. He finally got it at Fort Worth Texas on September 3, when a race in the heat took its toll on many, but Johnny finished second after sorting out the oil pump thing.

For all the latest racing news, click here. And to see pictures of the new trailer, click here.

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