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Volume 3 Issue 2

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SmileyIn the last issue of our newsletter, we provided a link to a survey asking for your opinions about our 2000 catalog. About 100 people responded and provided some helpful comments about what we are doing right and what could be improved. Thanks to all of you who took a few minutes out of your busy days to answer our survey questions, and congratulations to those of you who won the "Smiley Guy Fun Packs". Please continue to provide us with all your great feedback. We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Over the next few months, you will notice some new additions to our newsletter. This month, we've added a "Question of the month" to our Tech Talk section. In this section, we'll be selecting FAQs for some of our most recent products. This month we feature our new EZTouch panels.

You'll also notice a less "serious" addition to the newsletter. A new section called "On the Lighter Side" reveals some of the more humorous sides of technology.

As always, if you have any suggestions for our newsletter (including contributions for "On the Lighter Side", or questions to be answered in "Question of the Month", please drop us a line at


WinPLC with KW software/ProConOS run-time engine, Drives DOP Software Suite, and DeviceNet DL105 modules
E-mail survey options, New ordering process for DINnectors
Application of the month, Question of the month
April issue of Control Solutions
Johnny finishes fourth in first race of the season



KW Software WinPLC now shipping

IEC 61131-3 ProConOS PLC run-time engine for WinPLCThe IEC 61131-3 ProConOS PLC run-time engine for WinPLC CPU modules is now shipping. Developed for AutomationDirect by KW Software, this pre-emptive, multi-tasking run-time engine is embedded in the WinPLC module and offered as a unique WinPLC product. Application development for the
WinPLC running ProConOS is performed with MULTIPROG, an IEC 61131-3 development tool. MULTIPROG is available in two versions. The MULITPROG Studio version supports all five IEC 61131-3 languages (Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text and Instruction List), which can be used in combination, even in the same program. For customers with less complex application requirements, MULTIPROG Fox supports Structured Text, Function Block Diagram and Ladder Diagram. Both versions of the MULTIPROG development tool are available through KW Software. Pricing for the ProConOS PLC run-time engine starts at $659.

More information on WinPLC products

Drives DOP Software SuiteDrives DOP Software Suite

The Hitachi Drive Manager Software Suite is a collection of programming software that covers the full range of our Hitachi drives. The complete package includes the software on CD-ROM, an RS232/ RS422 converter, an RJ45 programming cable, an RJ45 to IDC10 converter, and a printed manual. Software programs include DOP-Professional, DOP-QuickStart and the SRW Simulator. The DOP Software Suite is priced at $172.

More information on the Drives DOP Software Suite

DeviceNet DL105 slave modules

DeviceNet slave modules (F1-DVNET) for the DL105 series of micro PLCs are now shipping. The AC powered modules are priced at $245 each and connect to any DeviceNet master for inexpensive nodes in the following configurations: DC in/Relay out, AC in/Relay out, and DC in/DC out. The slave modules provide powerful relays and high-speed I/O modes.

More information on the DL105 and DeviceNet slave modules


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Ferrules, crimp terminals and  connectorsFerrules, crimp terminals and connectors for your wiring needs

Ferrules consolidate wire strands in order to eliminate wire fraying and resulting shorts, and allow for easier insertion and removal of wires from terminal blocks or other termination devices. Crimp terminals feature a special easy entry wire guide design to speed and ease wiring. Butt and end connectors are also available.

More information on wire termination products

Manual Starter/ProtectorManual Starter/Protector

Our manual motor starter/protector (MSP) allows for manual switching of motor loads and protects against sustained motor overload, short circuits and phase loss. A simple push on/push off manual control disconnects power from the motor. A lock out/tag out hole allows a motor's power to be locked out for maintenance purposes.

More information on the MSP

To check all the latest product news, go to

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EZText PanelsComing to an Automation Superstore (that's us!) near you very soon, are EZText operator text panels. The panels range in price from $180 to $240 and support the following PLC drivers: AutomationDirect DirectLOGIC, Allen-Bradley DF1, Omron Host Link, Mitsubishi FX series, Modicon Modbus RTU and GE Fanuc SNPX. Each panel will also be available in a DeviceNet version (third quarter 2001), for an additional $79. All models feature five user-defined pushbuttons, a built-in menu system, scroll data entry and isolated power supplies. Four of the EZText panels feature five user-defined LEDs and LCD display windows that support two or four message lines and display up to 20 characters.

For more information about the EZText panels, go here!

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The April issue of Control Solutions magazine features AutomationDirect products on the cover! The April PLC issue also includes an article featuring several of our products and quotes from Paul Ruland, the AutomationDirect PLC and I/O Product Manager. If you are not a subscriber, you can check out Control Solutions magazine online at

Click here for more articles featuring AutomationDirect

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E-mail option flags for "Ordering Experience" surveys

The AutomationDirect online ordering system automatically generates a confirmation e-mail when your order (including any backorders) ships from our warehouse. An "Ordering Experience" survey is sent along with the confirmation. Although survey input from our customers is extremely important to help us continually improve our online ordering process, we do understand it is not realistic to ask for input every time you make a purchase. So, for your convenience, we've created e-mail option flags on our Registration page. The flags allow you to select how often surveys are sent, or you can disable the surveys altogether. To access the e-mail option flags, log in on our Web site with your user ID and password, then click "Register". Scroll to the section titled "E-Commerce Store Email Options" and select your preferred options.

New way to order DINnectors products

We have received several requests asking us to change the ordering process for our DINnectors line of products. Many of you have said it would be easier to order based on the terminal block type and wire gauge size you need. This ordering method is now available. To order DINnectors products by terminal block type and wire gauge size, follow the steps below:

  1. On the AutomationDirect home page, click the "+" next to "Connection Systems" (located on the left side of the screen below the Shopping Tools section) to expand the list.
  2. Click "DINnectors (order by Terminal Block Type)".
  3. Click the appropriate terminal block type, and then the wire gauge or block feature you require.
  4. Once you have chosen the category you want to select from, a list of all available options for the chosen terminal block will appear, and you will be able to select and order the necessary items.

Reminder concerning online orders

Please remember that in addition to credit cards, we also accept purchase orders for online orders. You can set up an account by completing and sending our online credit application or filling out the credit application form located in the catalog.

And don't forget about our FREE shipping and handling for online orders. See bottom of newsletter for terms and conditions.

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Application of the month: DL250 allows remote control of industrial refrigeration units

An industrial refrigeration firm was looking to upgrade its control package for its clients. They used the D2-250 PLC and wrote a refrigeration program that included enough inputs and outputs for four or more refrigeration control groups. RTDs bring in temperatures and analog I/O brings in the 4 - 20 mA signal for the NH3 (Ammonia) sensors. A system of 10 panels on a roof in Kansas is working great since installation over two years ago. The panels are "daisy-chained" with RS485 to an Iconics Genesis HMI in the maintenance rooms. The maintenance people are able to change the temperature settings and defrost settings, and even turn off a valve manually without climbing on the roof on a slick morning when it is 10 degrees outside. They are very happy with the PLCs and the price that they paid.

Submitted by:
Technomation Inc.
Irving, Texas

For more application stories, click here.

Question of the Month: EZTouch panels and additional memory

Question: I have a large project that requires more than the standard 512 K memory. What are my options for additional memory?

Answer: User RAM memory for all standard units, except the 6" Monochrome (P/N EZ-S6M-R), can be upgraded from the standard 512 K to 1 MB memory. If your program requires more than the standard 512 K memory, upgrade the RAM to 1 MB by inserting an optional 512 K RAM Card (P/N EZ-RAM-1).

View our entire library of Frequently Asked Questions here

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2001 Race CarThe first race of the year was a good start to the season for Johnny as he posted a fourth place finish in the
BFGoodrich Tires Cup at Sebring International Raceway on March 16. Johnny ran second for most of the race and
Boris Said finished first, only relinquishing the lead for a few hundred yards after Johnny passed him on lap 11.
Paul Gentilozzi, Johnny's teammate and the two-time series champion, picked up his 48th podium finish with a second place finish. The next race of the season is scheduled for April 8 in Long Beach. For more information on Trans-Am racing, including photos of Johnny's new car, visit the new Miller Racing Web site at

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Want to be part of a great team? AutomationDirect is looking for more qualified people to fill positions at our Cumming, GA facility. If you'd like to work in a great team environment at a high-tech, fast-growing company, you owe it to yourself to find out more. Check out the current job openings on our Web site at

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Famous technology quotes

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