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Volume 3 Issue 5

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Modbus and DirectLogic Remote I/O modules for Terminator I/O
Additions to enclosures line of products
Think and Do Live! returns
Class I Div II for DL205 series of products
Application of the month
Questions of the month



MODBUS and DirectLOGIC Remote I/O modules for Terminator I/O

I/O Modules for Terminator I/ONow available for the Terminator I/O line of field bus termination products are MODBUS and DirectLOGIC Remote I/O modules. Priced at $136, the MODBUS module (T1K-MODBUS) allows you to connect to I/O as a slave station on a MODBUS RTU network. The T1K-MODBUS can communicate with any MODBUS RTU network master using high-level MODBUS commands.

The DirectLOGIC Remote I/O module (T1K-RSSS) serves as a slave to any of the DirectLOGIC PLCs that can act as a remote master, using the RM-NET protocol, or as a slice master, using the SM-NET protocol. The T1K-RSSS modules are also priced at $136.

Terminator I/O is a practical solution for remote I/O, PC-based control and distributed control applications. It combines all the features of terminal blocks and I/O modules into integrated modules that offer triple-stack three-wire device capability, fused outputs, and integrated bused power and common terminals, based on the proven I/O technology of the company's DirectLOGIC 205 and 405 PLC families.

Enclosures from Hubbell/WiegmannAdditions to enclosures line of products

We will soon be adding full access to the Hubbell/Wiegmann line of enclosures on a "non-stock" basis. Initially, nearly 200 part numbers will be added in the NEMA 12 category. Over the next few months, the full Hubbell/Wiegmann line will be available. The line of enclosures and associated parts will be designated as "non-stock" when they are added to the store, meaning their availability can range from immediate to 3 weeks.
Non-stock enclosures are designated with a "clock" icon in the online store, and as "non-stock" in the printed price list. Please note: when you place an order, a complete enclosure shipment will ship at one time from the manufacturer when all enclosure parts in the order are available. If you order in-stock enclosures that you want to ensure are shipped immediately, put them on a separate order from the non-stock enclosures.

Think and Do Live! returns

Think and Do Live! version 5.4 is now available with updated hardware support. For legacy applications, Think and Do provides a familiar software environment with the addition of productivity enhancements. No reprogramming or updating of existing hardware will be required for legacy users. If you have an application that does not require communication to a SQL Database, or if an elaborate HMI is not important, Think and Do Live! could be for you.

More information on Think & Do-based products

Class I Div II for DL205 series of products

AutomationDirect has obtained Class I Div II certification for the DL205 series of products, certifying them for hazardous environments. The classification covers UL/cUL Class I, Division II Groups A, B, C and D, as well as Class I, Zone 2, A-D.

For more information about the DL205 series of products, click here.

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New photoelectric and proximity sensors

Several new additions to our photoelectric and proximity sensor lines are now shipping. New models include 5 mm and 18 mm round and rectangular photoelectric sensors, as well as proximity switches that range in size from 3 mm to 30 mm. Pricing for the photoelectric sensors starts at $28. Proximity sensors start at $19. Five-meter M8 or M12 quick-disconnect cables with PVC or PUR jackets are also available for the new sensors, starting at $7.

Ethernet Remote MasterEthernet Remote Master for DL205 and DL405

Ethernet Remote Master (H2-ERM and H4-ERM) modules are now available for use with DirectLOGIC 205 and 405 PLCs. The new modules connect local CPU bases to remote slave I/O over a high-speed 10BaseT or 10BaseFL Ethernet link. Prices for the H2 and H4-ERM start at $259.

For more information on the Ethernet Remote Master, visit our DL205 Overview or DL405 Overview

Thermocouple module for Terminator I/O

Now available for the Terminator I/O line of products is a 14-channel thermocouple input module (T1F-14THM). The module works with the T1K-16B screw-type terminal base and supports J, E, K, R, S, T, B, N, and C type input ranges. Priced at $497, the module operates from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a common mode range of + / - 50 VDC.

More information on the new thermocouple input module

Check out all recent product news...

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Application of the month: DL205 gets into the groove with tubing

Products Used: DL240, DINnector terminal blocks, DirectSOFT programming software

Description: Youngstown Tube Company makes tube and pipe in different lengths with grooved ends. When it was decided to update the old mechanical gear system transfer and single groove heads they had been using for grooving, the engineers opted to use PLC control for every aspect. The new machine arrived without any electrical controls installed. The electrical engineer started from scratch and based everything around the DL240 PLCs and supporting products. Within two months, all the panels were built, wired and in place. It took another week of concrete and wiring and all was done save for the program. Major Lee Back, Sr. says "I knew what I wanted but could the DL240s deliver? Without a doubt. I had them coded and debugged within two days thanks to the easy-to-use software." The resulting DL240 control system almost doubled grooved production. With the smooth transfer of the new pneumatic platform, coupled with the almost hands-free grooving and secondary transfer, that part of the plant is no longer the pinch point for producing tubing products and shouldn't be for years to come. Back says, "Can't beat the support. Can't beat the simple on-line ordering. Can't beat the interchangeability. And one thing I've found out that impresses me most of all - can't beat the pricing. We are adding a new line within a year and I doubt it's a secret what I'm going to use for the controls."

Submitted by:
Youngstown Tube Company
Youngstown, Ohio

To view our entire collection of Application Stories, click here

Questions of the Month: Drives

Question: The term "inverter" is a little confusing since we also use drive and amplifier to describe the electronic unit that controls a motor. What does inverter mean?

Answer: The terms inverter, drive, and amplifier are used somewhat interchangeably in industry. But there are subtle differences. A drive can refer to the motor, the control electronics, or both. This term is used particularly when the motor and electronics are integrated in the same housing. The term variable speed drive can include many types of devices - anything that has a variable speed output, which includes the Hitachi inverter. Amplifier more commonly refers to a linear amplifier for servo motor control, or a stepper motor driver IC. Finally, we use inverter to describe the Hitachi motor controller because of the way the switching electronics alternately inverts or directly couples its internal DC voltage bus to generate a variable AC output.

Question: Although the SJ100 inverter is a variable speed drive, can I use it in a fixed-speed application?

Answer: A fixed speed application usually is a result of cost-sensitivity or negligible benefits if variable speed were used (consumer products are examples). In those cases, the power source connects directly to the motor (no special drive needed). However, using a variable speed drive can benefit many type of industrial and commercial motor applications, by providing controlled acceleration and deceleration, high torque at low speeds, and energy savings over alternative solutions.

View our entire library of Frequently Asked Questions

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2001 Race CarJohnny placed second at the August 18 Johnson Controls 100 race at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. He battled Brian Simo through much of the race for second place, until Simo went off course on lap 16.

Then, at the Mid-Ohio Trans-Am 100 race on August 25, Johnny finished in sixth place, but was still able to move a few points ahead of Brian Simo in the drivers' championship points total. Johnny remains in second place behind teammate Paul Gentilozzi.

The next race will be held at Laguna Seca raceway in Salinas, California. The race will be broadcast live September 9 at 5 p.m. ET on Speedvision, and will include a fueling pit stop.

For more racing information, including coverage of all the races, visit the Miller Racing Web site at

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Really Bad Bosses

A magazine ran a "Dilbert Quotes" contest seeking quotes from real-life Dilbert-type managers. Here are some of the submissions:

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