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Volume 4 Issue 3

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New option modules for DL05
D2-260 and D2-250-1 CPUs
New GS AC drives family
Timers from Koyo and Fuji
New training products and courses from Interconnecting Automation

Application of the month
Question of the month




New option modules for DL05

DL05 option modulesSeveral discrete option modules are now available for the DL05 PLC. The modules range from 4-point to 16-point versions. The D0-08CDD1 and D0-07CDR are combo modules with 4 points of 12-24 VDC sinking/sourcing input with one common. The D0-08CDD1 has 4 points of 12-24 VDC sinking output and the D0-07CDR has 3 points of relay output. They are priced at $50. The D0-08TR is an 8-point 6-27 VDC or 6-240 VAC relay output module with two isolated commons. It is priced at $49.

10-point modules include the D0-10TD1, D0-10TD2 and D0-10ND3 modules. The D0-10TD1 is a 12-24 VDC current sinking output module with two commons (non-isolated) that sells for $49. The D0-10TD2 is a 12-24 VDC current sourcing output module with two commons that also sells for $49. The D0-10ND3 is a 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing input module with two isolated commons. It is priced at $42.

16-point modules include the D0-16ND3, D0-16TD1 and D0-16TD2. The D0-16ND3 is a 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing input module with four isolated commons. It is priced at $44. The D0-16TD1 is a 12-24 VDC current sinking output module and the D0-16TD2 is a 12-24 VDC current sourcing output module. Both are priced at $50.

D2-260 and D2-250-1 CPUs

D2-260 CPUTwo new CPUs will be available for the DL205 line of PLC. The D2-260 offers over 230+ RLL instructions that give it the most power of all the DL205 CPUs. Other key features include powerful and easy-to-use ASCII instructions, 16 Pid loops with autotune, total memory of 30.4 K, and support for a maximum of 16,384 I/O points. The D2-260 is priced at $299.00.

The D2-250-1 will replace the D2-250 CPU to offer support for local expansion I/O, as well as additional instructions. The D2-250-1 CPU is priced at $249.00.

New GS AC drives family

GS Series AC DrivesThe new GS1 mini AC drives are available in 1/4 - 2 hp, 115 VAC/230 VAC input and 230 VAC output, with adjustable 3-10 KHz carrier frequency. Four programmable digital inputs and one programmable relay output are also provided. Six GS1 drives will be available in June 2002, ranging in price from $149 to $198. The GS2 micro drive series (available now) offers 1/2 - 7.5 hp at 230 VAC input/output or up to 10 hp at 480 VAC input/output, with programmable 1-12 KHz carrier frequency. The GS2 also features programmable analog input and output, six programmable digital inputs, two programmable relay outputs, and dynamic braking. Twelve different ratings of GS2 drives are available, ranging in price from $188 to $820.

Timers from Koyo and Fuji

AutomationDirect now offers timers, including a miniature DIN-rail timer and two types of 1/16 timers, including a digital multi-mode timer. The new timers feature DIN-rail mounting or panel mounting and operating LEDs to check for proper operation. Four output modes can be selected for the multi-mode timers, including on-delay, flicker, one-shot, and off-delay. Timer outputs range from 2 A up to 5 A, DPDT relays. Digital timers feature seconds to hours time ranges with decimal selection to meet a wide range of timing requirements. Prices for the new timers range from $35 to $89.

New training products and courses from Interconnecting Automation

ICA TrainingInterconnecting Automation, our preferred training provider for PLC and PC-based control, now offers a PLC analog I/O training kit. The kit includes two 2-hour analog training videos, firmware upgrade instructional video, a pre-wired analog trainer, and DL05 analog I/O module and manual. This unit is a "plug-and-play" add-on to the existing DL05 PLC trainer or any existing DL05 PLC; the training package sells for $795.

Also available from Interconnecting Automation is a new advanced training course for PLC-based controls. This course is designed for those who have previous experience in PLC programming and would like to improve their programming and troubleshooting skills. You should already have taken the Introductory Programming Course or have real world experience before taking this course.

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Analog combo modules for Terminator I/O line of products

Terminator Field I/ONew for the Terminator I/O line of products are an 8-channel in/4-channel out analog voltage combination module (T1F-8AD4DA-2) and an 8-channel in/4-channel out analog current combination module (T1F-8AD4DA-1). The modules work with T1K-8B or T1K-8B-1 Terminator I/O bases and are both priced at $429.

New analog combo modules for the DL05 line of products

Two new analog modules are now available for the DL05 line of products. The F0-4AD2DA-2 is a 4-channel input, 2-channel output voltage module priced at $209. This module does not require an external 24 VDC power supply. The F0-2AD2DA-2 is a 2-channel in/2-channel out voltage module with 12-bit resolution. The module is priced at $149.00 and is designed to operate with a 24VDC user-supplied power supply.

D0-DEVNETS now shipping

The D0-DEVNETS DeviceNet slave module is now shipping for the DL05 series of products. The D0-DEVNETS allows the DL05 to become a "smart node" on a DeviceNet network. Priced at $75, the module fits into the option card slot of any DL05 PLC and allows a DeviceNet master to control and monitor the 14 discrete I/O points. The DeviceNet technology is capable of linking 64 nodes on a single network at a maximum speed of 500K. The node address for the DeviceNet module is set using onboard DIP switches. All modules include a standard DeviceNet connector that makes the five-wire connection easy to implement and maintain.


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Application of the month: DL205 system makes batch control easy as pie

Products Used: D2-240 PLC, D2-16ND3 input module, D2-12TR output module

Description: Description: "Our customer is an OEM making bakery weigh batch systems. They use the Unipulse brand F800 batch controller with the AutomationDirect D2-240 PLC, D2-16ND3 input module, and D2-12TR output module. The system handles all weighing functions including parameter storage for the ingredients (e.g. sugar, water, flour, honey). The AutomationDirect PLC performs the sequencing, timing, alarms, etc. This application has been repeated in many food and chemical plants."

Submitted by: Al Mizenko (
United Control Systems, Inc.

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Question of the month: Can the DL205 be used on a Modbus network?

Answer: The D2-240 and D2-250 can be used on a Modbus network. The D2-250's bottom port can be set to Modbus master/slave. Also, the DCM module can act as a Modbus slave when used with the D2-240 or the D2-250. The Modbus RTU (hex) protocol is supported. The D2-230 cannot be used on a
Modbus network.

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2001 Race CarJohnny finished third in the Johnson Controls 100 at the Long Beach on April 14. The finish was Johnny's thirteenth top ten finish in a row, and his fourth top-three finish at Long Beach.

Then on May 19, Johnny picked up a second place finish at Mosport International Raceway, moving him into second place in the points standings.

The next race, to be broadcast live on the Speed Channel, is the Lime Rock Park Grand Prix on Monday, May 27 at 3:00. Visit Johnny's Web site at for all the latest racing news.

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