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Industrial serial modem now available
Industrial Ethernet switch added to product offering
Line of DC power supplies now available
New 24 VDC/AC versions added to timers product line
Control transformers introduced to AutomationDirect product line

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Industrial serial modem now available

An industrial serial modem, the MDM-TEL, has been added to AutomationDirect's line of industrial automation products. The MDM-TEL works with any PLC and uses an industrial version of the standard modem chip set, supporting all AT commands. With contact-initiated dialing, the MDM-TEL can sense an input signal and report an alarm or event to a PC, PLC, or pager, with no PLC required. The modem also auto-answers and complies with telecom standards around the globe. Designed for industrial applications, the MDM-TEL is extremely rugged and uses 24 VDC. The new modem comes with modem setup software and a RS232 (DB9) modem configuration cable. It can be DIN-rail or panel mounted. It is priced at $399.

Industrial Ethernet switch added to product offering

Industrial ethernet switchThe E-SW05U Industrial Ethernet switch is now available from AutomationDirect. The rugged E-SW05U enables deterministic control of time-critical automation applications in industrial environments by eliminating message collisions. An open Ethernet switch, the E-SW05U auto-negotiates 10/100 Mbps, auto-senses full/half duplex operation, and automatically routes incoming messages out of only the appropriate port for the destination device. The switch supports all IEEE 802.3 protocols. It also provides broadcast storm protection, with each node limited to no more than 25% of the available LAN bandwidth. Powered by 24VDC, the E-SW05U mounts on a panel or DIN-rail. It is priced at $409.

Line of DC power supplies now available

AutomationDirect has introduced the PS series of power supplies, a new line of DC power supplies that uses efficient switching technology to produce the most power in the smallest space, while generating a minimum amount of heat. The PS series of DC power supplies output 2-20 A at 24 VDC and 4 A at 12 VDC, with low ripple and noise. Input voltage is switch selectable to 115/230 VAC. Extra-sturdy DIN rail mounts and removable plug connections make installation simple. The new power supplies feature constant-current short circuit protection, which limits the output current as the voltage is reduced, to safely protect control components from direct shorts and device failures. The PS series power supplies meet UL/cUL 1950, 508 and 1604 (Class 1 Div. 2) requirements. Prices start at $59.

24 VDC/AC versions added to timers product line

TimersAutomationDirect has added 24 VDC and VAC models to the timers line of products. The current offering includes a miniature DIN-rail timer and two types of 1/16 timers, including a digital multi-mode timer. The new timers feature DIN-rail mounting or panel mounting and operating LEDs to check for proper operation. Four output modes can be selected for the multi-mode timers, including on-delay, flicker, one-shot, and off-delay. Timer outputs range from 2 A up to 5 A, DPDT relays. Digital timers feature seconds to hours time ranges with decimal selection to meet a wide range of timing requirements. Prices for the new timers range from $35 to $89.

Control transformers introduced to AutomationDirect product line

AutomationDirect has introduced a line of control transformers designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability. The CPT series of control transformers offers 240/480 VAC and 50/60 Hz primary voltage, and 120 VAC secondary voltage. They are constructed of Mylar, Nomex and other high-quality insulating materials to electrically insulate turn-to-turn windings, layer-to-layer windings, primary-to-secondary windings and ground. The transformers are vacuum impregnated with VT polyester resin and oven-cured to seal the surface and eliminate moisture. They are also UL/CSA/CE approved. Prices for the new control transformers start at $44.

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AutomationDirect and Kepware team up to offer KEPDirect EBC I/O server

KEPDirectThe KEPDirect EBC I/O server is a 32-bit application that connects Windows client software to AutomationDirect Ethernet I/O, using Ethernet Base Controllers (EBC) from AutomationDirect. The server interfaces to Ethernet EBC I/O using industry-standard OPC (OLE for Process Control). With the KEPDirect server, any industrial HMI/SCADA, data historian, MES or ERP software package that includes an OPC client driver can connect directly to AutomationDirect's DL205, DL405 or Terminator Ethernet I/O. Eight or more EBCs can be supported simultaneously, depending on the server package purchased. KEPDirect I/O server software packages start at $129.

DH+ and Ethernet capability for EZTouch touch panels

AutomationDirect now offers EZTouch PLC touch panels with a built-in Data Highway Plus (DH+) interface, or Ethernet option cards for use with certain EZTouch panels. New Data Highway Plus versions of the EZTouch panels are available in color or monochrome 6-inch models, and 8 and 10-inch color models in regular or slim bezel sizes. Prices for EZTouch panels with the DH+ card pre-installed start at $1,159 for the 6-inch monochrome version. Also available is an optional high-speed Ethernet communication card. Priced at $189, this option card enables an EZTouch panel to connect to an AutomationDirect PLC Ethernet network. Up to eight EZTouch panels can be connected to one or multiple PLCs containing an ECOM module using off-the-shelf Ethernet hubs. EZTouch panels can be programmed over the Ethernet network with standard EZTouch programming software (EZ-TOUCHEDIT for $139).

New 60 mm contactors and adjustable overload relays

Overload relaysAutomationDirect now offers several new 60 mm Centsable contactors. The three-pole contactors are offered in IEC sizes G through J, with 120 or 240 V actuator coils. They are DIN-rail mountable for fast and easy installation, and start at $59. Adjustable overload relays for both the 45 mm and 60 mm Centsable contactors are now available, in sizes for motor currents from .4 to 65 amps. Units come with normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts. Overload relays start at $18.

Cutler-Hammer 30 mm NEMA pushbuttons added to pilot device line

30mm pilot devicesAutomationDirect now offers a complete line of NEMA 30 mm metal devices. The Cutler-Hammer HT800 Series pushbutton models include momentary flush, extended and mushroom pushbuttons in red, green and black and color-coded contact blocks for quick and easy identification. They feature double V-gasket seals for excellent ingress protection and anodized aluminum mounting rings for corrosion resistance. Pushbutton assemblies start at $13.25. New indicator lights feature optically enhanced lenses for excellent front and side illumination and are available in green, red, amber, yellow, blue, white and clear. Prices start at $27.25. Also available are two- or three-position selector switches in knob and lever configurations that can be adjusted in 22.5-degree increments for more versatile knob positions. Selector switch assemblies start at $16. All new 30 mm products can be purchased as assemblies or as individual components and are NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13-rated.

Process controller line now available

Temperature and process controllers are now available from AutomationDirect. Models include a limit controller with two mechanical relays and universal inputs, including thermocouple, RTD, mA, mV and V; a temperature controller with two mechanical relays, one 4-20 ma output and thermocouple and RTD inputs; and a process controller with two mechanical relays or two solid state relays, one 4-20 ma output, and thermocouple, RTD, ma, mV and V inputs. The temperature and process controllers also offer PID, autotune and on/off control routines. Prices range from $149 to $229.

New line of industrial flashlights available from Hubbell Lighting

FlashlightsAutomationDirect now offers industrial flashlights suitable for any factory environment. From impact resistance to explosion proofing, HubbelLITE industrial flashlights offer the safety and performance needed for the factory floor. Three flashlights are available, and all use Xenon lamps, which are 400% brighter and last two to four times longer than incandescent lamps. The flashlights are also waterproof and submersible. They range in price from $9.50 to $19.50.

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B-stock sale

Now available for purchase are select remanufactured parts, including touch panels, CPUs, operator interfaces, inverters, I/O, thermocouple cards, and more. The remanufactured parts are available at a 20% discount and come with a one-year warranty. To take advantage of the offer, visit The link will take you to a list of available products. Just check the products you wish to purchase, then fill in your company and billing information. Once the system verifies the products and quantities, simply print the form and fax it to the number provided on the form. Your order will be sent to a company sales representative, who will then fill your order.


Application of the month: DL-205 controls passenger comfort on private railroad car

Products Used: DL205, SJ100 drives, Optimate panels

Description: The rebuilding of a private railroad passenger car required the upgrading of the electrical system. Knowing the car representative's desire for proven technology, I approached them with the idea of total car automation using a DL205 PLC with a 250 CPU, five remote racks, three SJ100 drives, and 20 Optimate panels for crew troubleshooting of car problems and information display for passenger comfort. The 205 controls all heating and air conditioning equipment, and allows for troubleshooting of car equipment. The largest part of the program is the crew/car/passenger interface. Each room has an Optimate panel outside the entrance door to display messages such as "DO NOT DISTURB", "SERVICE REQUEST". etc. Each room also has a panel inside that displays messages from the crew such as "DESTINATION APPROACH", "MEAL CALL", and others. The panels also display outside air temperature, speed in MPH, air brake pressures, etc.

Submitted by: Tim Stoecker (
Stoecker Industries

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Question of the month: When using the PID loops with my D2-250, my process variable doesn't look correct coming from my analog or temperature card. What's wrong?

Answer: The Setpoint Value (SP), Process Variable (PV), Bias (Integrator) and Control Output Value (CO) are in binary format. If you use the pointer method to bring the analog signals into the CPU be aware of the format you have specified. With the pointer method, if you do not precede the number of channels constant with an "8" the value is in BCD. You must do a BIN conversion before OUTing this value to Word+3 (PV). Also, make sure the proper format from the Word+5 (CO) is in the proper format when it reaches its module. It is in binary format when it leaves the PID loop. The loop table specifications are contained in the PID chapter of the User Manual.

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2001 Race CarJohnny finished 6th in the July 20 race at the Washington, D.C. Grand Prix, continuing his string of top ten finishes with eighteen consecutive, the longest active streak in Trans-Am. The race was televised live on CBS.

On August 4, Johnny had a heartbreaker at Trois-Rivieres. Running in a comfortable second place and poised for a return to the podium after a nice run, a mechanical failure in the engine ended his day three laps short of the finish. As a result, Johnny's 12th-place finish snaps the streak of consecutive top ten finishes.

Johnny will aim to start a new streak as the series gets back underway on August 17th at Road America in Wisconsin.

Visit Johnny's Web site at for all the latest racing news and photos from the track.

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