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AutomationDirect headquarters with new flagpoleThanks to those of you who responded to our catalog survey in last month's newsletter. We've received some great comments and were very pleased to see that many of you liked all the changes we made in this year's catalog.

In honor of those who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks, AutomationDirect recently erected a brand-new 100-foot flagpole in the courtyard in front of our building. The new flagpole will be the site of a memorial service this September 11th to remember the victims of the attack.



DL06 PLC now shipping
DL205 expansion products available
Studio version 7.0 software released

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DL06 now shipping

DL06 PLCThe new DL06 family of PLCs has begun shipping. The DL06 offers fixed models of 36 I/O points, starting at $199, or up to 100 I/O points with expansion I/O. The DL06 is AutomationDirect's first micro PLC to combine fixed I/O of 20 inputs and 16 outputs with four option card slots for expansion (discrete, analog, and communication modules), all in the same package. It is offered in a variety of I/O combinations and power supply options, including eight models of either AC or DC-supplied units with combinations of AC, DC, and Relay I/O. The DL06 features 14.8 K total memory and 229 instructions, including 8 PID loops with built-in autotune capability. It also offers two communication ports for programming and operator interface connectivity, as well as RS232/422/485 networking, ASCII In/Out, and Modbus RTU. Features not traditionally found in micro PLCs include integrated high-speed inputs and pulse outputs and a built-in real-time clock/calendar.

DL205 expansion products now available

Expansion products for the DL205, including an Expansion Base Controller, a Base Expansion Module, and an expansion cable, are now available.

The D2-CM Expansion Base Controller Module is placed in the CPU slot of each expansion base and is rotary switch selectable. It includes PWR, RUN, and DIAG LEDs for systems status indication. The D2-CM is compatible with D2-260 and D2-250-1 CPUs. Up to five expansion bases can be supported by the D2-260 and up to three by the D2-250-1.

D2-EM Base Expansion ModuleThe D2-EM Base Expansion Module is attached to the side of each I/O base, CPU base and expansion base in the local expansion system. It includes two RJ-45 cable ports for expansion cables to plug into, and a single ACTIVE LED for system status indication.

Please note that the prices for these modules are incorrect in the printed 2002 catalog (Volume 8). The correct price for the D2-EM module is $55 and the D2-CM module is priced at $39.

The D2-EXCBL-1 category 5 straight-through cable is used to connect expansion modules together. The cable is one meter in length and is priced at $5.00

Studio version 7.0 software released

Entivity StudioAutomationDirect now offers Studio version 7.0 PC control software from Entivity. Studio 7.0, based on Microsoft Visio 2002, adds support for Windows XP and offers features such as advanced Visio graphics, flowchart logic, remote HMI screen development, libraries for managing frequently used flowcharts, Project Sync for multi-developer use, and built-in SQL database interface. Version 7.0 also offers support for Microsoft.NET and Microsoft DNA. The new version 7.0 software is priced at $3,495 for the development license and $1,895 for the runtime only license. For an additional $995, PC-ENT-SRN software can be purchased to display remote HMI screens.

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Industrial serial modem now available

An industrial serial modem, the MDM-TEL, has been added to AutomationDirect's line of industrial automation products. The MDM-TEL works with any PLC and uses an industrial version of the standard modem chip set, supporting all AT commands. It is priced at $399.

Industrial Ethernet switch added to product offering

Ethernet switchThe E-SW05U Industrial Ethernet switch is now available from AutomationDirect. The rugged E-SW05U enables deterministic control of time-critical automation applications in industrial environments by eliminating message collisions. It is priced at $409.

Line of DC power supplies now available

AutomationDirect has introduced the PS series power supplies, a new line of DC power supplies that uses efficient switching technology to produce the most power in the smallest space, while generating a minimum amount of heat. Prices start at $59.

24 VDC/AC versions added to timers product line

TimersAutomationDirect has added 24 VDC and VAC models to the timers line of products. The current offering includes a miniature DIN-rail timer and two types of 1/16 timers, including a digital multi-mode timer. Prices for the new timers range from $35 to $89.

Control transformers introduced to AutomationDirect product line

AutomationDirect has introduced a line of control transformers designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability. The CPT series of control transformers offers 240/480 VAC and 50/60 Hz primary voltage, and 120 VAC secondary voltage. Prices for the new control transformers start at $44.

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Have you ever responded to one of our E-commerce order surveys? If so, we sincerely appreciate it. This is an effective "electronic" way to let us know if we are serving you properly and a forum for you to tell us how well we are meeting your needs. Please know that we really do have a human that reads each survey and responds to every comment.

Here is what you've told us so far in 2002:

Survey graph* 88% say your overall impression of the functionality and layout of our store is Excellent or Above Average * 90% say you Always or Mostly find the products, technical specs, and manuals that you are looking for

* 69% say that compared to other Web sites you visit, our performance is Faster or Significantly Faster

* 97% say you will definitely use our Web site again for future purchases

Although we think these statistics are quite impressive, we are never satisfied. Based on your feedback, we've been hard at work on our next generation Web site to address some of the most common customer requests. It also provides us with a platform created in-house that will lead to some really cool features in the future. Watch for the change coming this fall. You'll still get all the information you need when you need it -- free downloads of all user manuals (excluding S/W manuals), fast ordering and delivery, and free UPS ground shipping on orders over $300 (some restrictions apply).

Our E-commerce effort continues to show success and steady growth. Many changes have been made and will continue to be made based directly on your input. Please always feel welcome to contact us at: with any comments you have about our E-commerce store.


Application of the month: D2-250 maintains water pressure for city water system

Products Used: D2-250, F2-4AD2DA, D2-08CDR, OP-613

Description: We created a water pressure controller for a local city water system. We used a pressure transducer to feed a water pressure signal into the analog card. The output from the analog card is used to control the speed of a 75hp well pump on a frequency drive to keep the city water system at a more constant pressure. Setpoints are entered with the OP-613 panel and the pressure is displayed as well. The system controls the startup sequence, releasing the well flow to drain and slowly cut into the system to prevent a pressure spike on startup. It also controls the shutdown to prevent a pressure dip. System pressure is maintained with a PID loop in the D2-250 processor.

Submitted by: John Neiswanger (
Industrial Electronics

To view our entire collection of Application Stories or to submit one of your own, click here

Question of the month: What is a line reactor and what will it do for my application?

Answer: A line reactor is a special type of inductor used on the line side or the motor side of a drive application, depending on the specific circumstances.

On the line side they are used to smooth inrush current, reduce noise, and to act as a buffer to the drive system. The line reactors have a 3% inductance impedance voltage drop. In this regard, the line reactor has been used to replace the much larger drive isolation transformer.

A line reactor on the motor side is used to reduce capacitive coupling effect of line distance from the motor to the drive.

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2001 Race CarOn August 4, Johnny had a heartbreaker at Trois-Rivieres. Running in a comfortable second place and poised for a return to the podium after a nice run, a mechanical failure in the engine ended his day three laps short of the finish. As a result, Johnny's 12th-place finish snapped the streak of consecutive top ten finishes. Then, on August 18, Johnny was back on the podium with a third place finish at the Johnson Controls 100 at Elkhart Lake. The finish gave Johnny 177 points in the driver's championship race, twelve points behind third place.

Over the holiday weekend, Johnny placed sixth in a race at the Grand Prix of Denver after getting held up in a restart and losing his power steering. He'll have his next chance at a podium finish on October 5 at the Grand Prix of the Americas in Miami.

Visit Johnny's Web site at for all the latest racing news and photos from the track.

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Solve the following puzzles that stand for common phrases:

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