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- High-speed counter modules now available for DL405 and Terminator I/O lines
- New rectangular proximity sensor models added
- Process controller line now includes new models
- Ethernet interface for GS Drives line offer connection to Ethernet Hub or PC


Industrial Resources on the Internet, by Richard Palmer, AutomationDirect Tech Support

Application of the month




Live @ ADCAttend a free AutomationDirect Web Seminar

AutomationDirect has recently started offering free Web seminars to give you an opportunity to learn more about our products and related technical subjects. To present our first round of topics, we are planning a "Week of Seminars" the week of June 9. Seminars available include Ethernet PLC Communication, Choosing a Prox Sensor, and Choosing an Operator Interface for Your PLC. Seating is limited, so visit our Web seminar page soon at for more information or to sign up for a seminar.

Training by Interconnecting AutomationSchedule for Interconnecting Automation training

Interconnecting Automation, an AutomationDirect federation partner, delivers training to customers using AutomationDirect products. Classes for PLC-based systems are held around the country and are delivered by Doug Bell, who has over 20 years experience in the industry. Following is the schedule for training classes for the next few months:

PLC-based Control Systems - Introductory Class
June 10-12 Atlanta, GA
September 23-25 Las Vegas, NV
November 4-6 Newark, NJ

PLC-based Control Systems - Advanced Class
October 7-9 Las Vegas, NV
December 2-4 Atlanta, GA

Interconnecting Automation also offers video courses that include training kits that can be used at home or in the office. For more information on the training kits and for further information on Interconnecting Automation, visit their Web site at


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High-speed counter modules now available for DL405 and Terminator I/O lines

High-speed counter modulesNew high-speed counter modules are designed to accept high-speed pulse-type input signals and provide either discrete outputs or a pulse output for position control, speed referencing, or other motion control functions. The modules offer unique flexibility for applications that require counting or timing based on an input pulse, and are designed to work with incremental encoders, or to provide a pulse output signal to a stepper or servo drive.

More information on the DL405 high-speed counter module and the rest of the DL405 line
More information on the Terminator I/O high-speed counter module and the rest of the Terminator I/O line

New rectangular proximity sensor models added

Several new extended-distance proximity sensors are now available for applications with limited mounting space. The DC sensors feature long operating distances, compact stainless steel housings, complete overload protection and an IEC IP67 protection rating. They also offer scratch-resistant lenses that are easy to clean. 10 models are available in axial cable or quick-disconnect versions and with 50 or 250 mm sensing distances.

Process/temperature controller line now includes new models

New temperatire and process controllersAutomationDirect offers temperature and process controllers with PID, autotune and on/off control routines, ranging in price from $149 to $229. Two new models have now been added to the line, including a temperature controller with one mechanical relay and one pulse width modulated output, and a process controller with two mechanical relays. The temperature controller is priced at $159 and the process controller is $179.

Ethernet interface for GS drives line offer connection to Ethernet Hub or PC

The GS-EDRV provides a high-performance Ethernet link between a control system and a GS2 drive. It mounts on DIN rail and connects a drive to an Ethernet hub or PC. The GS-EDRV processes input signals from the drive, formats the signals to conform with the Ethernet standard, and transmits the signals to the controller. The Ethernet interface also receives and translates the output signals from the controller and distributes the signals to the drive.

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Over 300 new enclosures added

New enclosures338 new enclosures have been added to our lineup. New models include NEMA 3R enclosures and NEMA 1 wall-mount junction boxes, many of which are perfect for machine builders and electrical construction end users. The new enclosure models start at only $5.00 for a 4x4x4 NEMA 1 junction box.

10 and 15-inch EZTouch panels now feature Profibus capability

Our 10 and 15-inch EZTouch slim bezel panels are now available with a pre-installed Profibus interface card
to allow the panels to operate on a Profibus network. The 10-inch panel with Profibus is priced at $2,999 and the
15-inch panel is $3,999.

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Industrial Resources on the Internet
by Richard Palmer, AutomationDirect Tech Support

Have you ever tried looking for an answer to your industrial control question and just couldn't find one? There are many industrial resources available on the Internet that may help you out. Over the last several years, many Web sites, discussion boards and other resources have surfaced on the Web to help industrial controls professional answer questions and get advice on their products and applications.

Our own Technical Support web page is one resource. It offers many example programs, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides to assist with your application. You can link directly to the Tech Support page at

Another great resource is online forums. Online forums allow you to ask questions of other people who have a great variety of knowledge and experience in order to get specific answers to your questions. Even if your application might be a new idea, someone out there has usually done something similar and can answer questions or offer advice. Sometimes just bouncing ideas off another person can yield tremendous results and save hours of programming or development time. AutomationDirect has their own online forum available at

There are countless other forums on the Internet that can also be tapped for ideas and solutions. For example, is one of the best general interest PLC forums. The issues discussed there can range from why a variable frequency drive does not decelerate properly to how to program a flip-flop timer in a PLC.

Specific forums, such as the Industrial Maintenance forum at can also be helpful. This forum focuses specifically on issues that face many industrial maintenance technicians and how to fix or avoid them. A forum that is even more specific is one for Mill Maintenance found here: This forum discusses questions that can occur in sawmills, planer mills, pulp mills, paper mills, etc.

There are a variety of options available to get specific answers to your questions. It might take awhile to get an answer, but if you are patient and describe your question thoroughly, you may be surprised by the help you receive.

And, as always, feel free to contact Tech Support at AutomationDirect with your product and application questions. Visit us on the Web at or call us at 770-844-4200.

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Application of the month: D2-250 CPUs keep the presses going at busy printing press

Products used: D2-250 CPUs and Ethernet cards, 10-inch EZTouch panel

Description: This system monitors the four main ink lines to a printing press while it's running. If for any reason the ink pressure falls below 25 pounds, the ink will not print on the material and those pages will be thrown away. We set up one PLC to look at the four pressure sensors with a 4 to 20 ma output, which is input into the analog cards and calibrated. This PLC is located in the compressor room and hooked to the second PLC by Ethernet. The second PLC is located in the "Quiet Room" and it takes the calibrated information and displays it on the 10" panel. The second unit also has the adjustable setpoints, trip points and graph displays to let the press operators know how everything is operating. The system has also been expanded to monitor oil pressure, vacuum pressure, water and air temperatures and also water conductivity, all with different levels of access to the setpoints and calibration through the touch screen. With the printing of 350,000 sections a day, 365 days a year, the panel has become a tool for troubleshooting and maintaining the press.

Submitted by:
David L Allen
Patriot News Company

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own

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