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New AutomationDirect catalog addendum to be mailed in August

2002 AutomationDirect CatalogTo keep our customers more up-to-date with new products, we have recently developed a catalog addendum. This new addendum will mail in August to all current customers and non-customers who received a catalog in the past 18 months. It includes all the newest products launched since our last catalog (Vol. 8, 2002).

Our plan is to release our catalog on a two-year cycle and mail out addendums like this one whenever there are enough new product launches to warrant an addendum. This helps ensure that you will always be informed of our latest product launches.

You will find that this addendum is set up in a similar fashion to our catalog - we've included a price list, marketing pages with comparisons charts, and technical specification pages. Please note that the price list in this addendum includes prices for our entire line of products, not just new ones since our last catalog. This means that all prices in the addendum price list supersede the prices listed in the 2002 catalog. This will be the case for all future addendums as well.

Once you receive the new addendum, please feel free to offer your feedback at


Schedule for Interconnecting Automation training

- Networking modules available for DL05 and DL06 PLCs VIA Direct UltraLITE design software replaced with ECT promis-e package
- DL05/06 thermocouple module converts thermocouple signals into temperature readings
- New DL06 PLC model available with sourcing DC outputs


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AutomationDirect Product AutoCAD(r) Template Drawings

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Schedule for Interconnecting Automation training

Training by Interconnecting AutomationInterconnecting Automation, an AutomationDirect federation partner, delivers training to customers using AutomationDirect products. Classes for PLC-based systems are held around the country and are delivered by Doug Bell, who has over 20 years experience in the industry. Following is the schedule for training classes for the next few months:

PLC-based Control Systems - Introductory Class
September 23-25 Las Vegas, NV
November 4-6 Newark, NJ

PLC-based Control Systems - Advanced Class
October 7-9 Las Vegas, NV
December 2-4 Atlanta, GA*

*The Atlanta class takes place at AutomationDirect's headquarters in Cumming, Ga.

Interconnecting Automation also offers video courses that include training kits that can be used at home or in the office. For more information on the training kits and for further information on Interconnecting Automation, visit their Web site at

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Networking modules available for DL05 and DL06 PLCs

H0-ECOM AutomationDirect has developed advanced networking products for our DL05 nano and DL06 micro lines of PLCs. The H0-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module, priced at $169, provides a 10Mbit Ethernet link for PLC systems and can be used for peer-to-peer PLC communication between two or more DirectLOGIC DL05/DL06 PLCs or between those PLCs and PCs. The D0-DEVNETS DeviceNet Slave Module, priced at $75, transforms any DL05 or DL06 into a smart node on a DeviceNet controller network. It installs into any option card slot of DL05 and DL06 PLCs and collects and reports all I/O data to a DeviceNet master. The H0-PSCM Slave Communication Module allows any DL05 or DL06 to be networked to any Profibus DP Master. Priced at $259, it offers selectable baud rates from 9.6 K to 12 MB, depending on network length.

VIA Direct UltraLITE design software replaced with ECT promis-e package

VIA Development Corporation, the supplier of VIA Direct software, was recently acquired by AutoDesk, Inc., which has discontinued support for the VIA Direct UltraLITE software package. Due to this recent development, AutomationDirect is discontinuing the VIA Direct UltraLITE software package and replacing it with ECT's promis-e draw and draw plus packages. AutomationDirect has partnered with ECT International, Inc. to bring you this new AutoCAD(r) Schematic Software that generates control system schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans and more, to automate the design process. The promis-e product will be available in two versions: AutoCAD(r) Add-on and Standalone. The Add-on version runs as an application inside AutoCAD(r). The Standalone version requires no additional CAD software since it includes the AutoCAD(r) OEM engine. promis-e draw fully supports both IEC/DIN and ANSI/JIC page and symbol formats, and dialogs and menus can be set for various languages including English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The software, which starts at $995, will be available at the end of July.

DL05/06 thermocouple module converts thermocouple signals into temperature readings

A new four-channel thermocouple temperature input module for the DL05 and DL06 line of PLCs offers 0.1 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit resolution. The module automatically converts types E, J, K, R, S, T, B, N, or C thermocouple signals into direct temperature readings. Diagnostic features include detection of thermocouple burnout or disconnection. The module is priced at $199.

New DL06 PLC model available with sourcing DC outputs

DL06 PLCA new DL06 CPU with 20 DC in / 16 DC out and a 12/24VDC power supply is now available. The CPU features 14.8K words total (7679 words ladder - flash, 7488 words V-memory), RLL/RLLPLUS programming (DirectSOFT32 Version 4.0 or higher), and two built-in RS232C communication ports. A secondary communications port supports RS232C/RS422/RS485, DirectNET Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU, Master/Slave, and ASCII In/Out. Inputs include 20 DC inputs, 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, and 5 isolated commons (four inputs per common). The first four inputs are configurable in one of several high-speed I/O features such as 7 KHz counter input, pulse catch input, or interrupt input (not available when using pulse output). Outputs include 16 DC outputs, 12-24 VDC current sourcing, 1.0A/pt. max., four commons non-isolated (four points per common). Two outputs are configurable for independent CW/CCW pulse train output or step and direction pulse output up to 10KHz (0.5A/pt.)


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High-speed counter modules now available for DL405 and Terminator I/O lines

New high-speed counter modules are designed to accept high-speed pulse-type input signals and provide either discrete outputs or a pulse output for position control, speed referencing, or other motion control functions. The modules offer unique flexibility for applications that require counting or timing based on an input pulse, and are designed to work with incremental encoders, or to provide a pulse output signal to a stepper or servo drive.

New rectangular proximity sensor models added

Several new extended-distance proximity sensors are now available for applications with limited mounting space. The DC sensors feature long operating distances, compact stainless steel housings, complete overload protection and an IEC IP67 protection rating. They also offer scratch-resistant lenses that are easy to clean. 10 models are available in axial cable or quick-disconnect versions and with 50 or 250 mm sensing distances.

Temperature and process controllersProcess/temperature controller line now includes new models

AutomationDirect offers temperature and process controllers with PID, autotune and on/off control routines, ranging in price from $149 to $229. Two new models have now been added to the line, including a temperature controller with one mechanical relay and one pulse width modulated output, and a process controller with two mechanical relays. The temperature controller is priced at $159 and the process controller is $179.

Ethernet interface for GS drives line offer connection to Ethernet Hub or PC

GS-EDRVThe GS-EDRV provides a high-performance Ethernet link between a control system and a GS2 drive. It mounts on DIN rail and connects a drive to an Ethernet hub or PC. The GS-EDRV processes input signals from the drive, formats the signals to conform with the Ethernet standard, and transmits the signals to the controller. The Ethernet interface also receives and translates the output signals from the controller and distributes the signals to the drive.

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Use "collect shipment" option at our e-commerce store

Based on requests from our customers, AutomationDirect's online store now offers the ability to choose how you pay for shipping during the checkout process. This feature allows you to use your own UPS or Federal Express account number for shipping charges, helping you to benefit from your relationship with your preferred carrier. To take advantage of this feature, just visit the "Charge shipping to my" button on the Shipping information page. You can then enter your UPS or Federal Express account number for billing. (Note: We cannot accept LTL carrier account numbers online at this time. Additionally, handling charges (where applicable) and items that can not ship via your selected shipper will be added to your order.)

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AutomationDirect Product AutoCAD(r) Template Drawings
by Greg Philbrook, Product Manager

Need to place drawings of AutomationDirect products in your CAD drawing? Did you know that capability is available right on our Web site? As more customers need to produce detailed panel layout drawings for their applications, we get more and more requests as to whether or not we have templates for particular products. With over 3000 products, providing templates has proven to be a challenge. This is where we place the most value on customer feed back; we determine which product templates to create based on which products are requested most by customers. So far, we have been extremely pleased with the customer feedback regarding the product templates we have made available on our web site. If you visit our web site at , you will find the links to the files that are currently available. We will be adding more templates in the future and will keep you updated through this newsletter.

If you are looking for a full-featured drawing package with which you can use our templates, our new ECT promis-e draw package might be a great fit. AutomationDirect has recently partnered with ECT International, Inc. to bring you a new AutoCAD(r) Schematic Software product for control system design. It generates control system schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans and more to automate the design process. Check out more about this new product in the New Products section above.

For assistance with the topic of AutoCAD drawings, or any other tech support issues, visit our tech support page on the Web or call us at 770-844-4200.

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Application: DL06 and EZTouch panel help move cement at bulk handling facility

Products used: DL06 and EZTouch

Description: We recently installed a bulk cement handling facility at our Joliet, IL location. The facility offloads cement from river barges and pneumatically conveys the powder into a massive storage dome and truck loading facility. The concrete dome, which will hold 30 barge loads of cement powder, was erected using an inflatable air form system. A MODBUS network of four DL06 PLCs, controlled by an EZ Touch operator interface, outloads the cement from the dome. A 4-20 ma PID loop implemented in one of the DL06 processors is used to control the speed of two hydraulically driven sweep augers. An analog radar sensor monitors the cement level in the truck-loading silo. All three primary functions are graphically animated and displayed on the EZTouch panel. The "supervisory master" DL06 controls the pneumatic conveying system and acts as the communications hub for the slave processors. Each processor runs local functions independent of the master. One feature that is particularly useful is the alarm history feature of the EZ Touch. Future planned expansions of this facility will be simply and easily added to our system network.

Submitted by: Jeff Bailey, Ozinga Bros. Inc.

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own

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What are these things named?

  1. The plastic casings on the tips of shoelaces?
    a. Aglet
    b. Hold
    c. Topper
    d. Fibber
  2. The indentation at the bottom of wine bottles?
    a. Kick or punt
    b. Heel
    c. Bank or boot
    d. Belfry
  3. The wire support on a lamp that holds the lampshade above the light bulb?
    a. Halo
    b. Harp
    c. Wingtip
    d. Gown
  4. Small, beadlike pieces of candy (usually silver), used to decorate cakes, cookies, etc?
    a. Blods
    b. Dragees
    c. Flitters
    d. Codillions
  5. The metal band that holds the eraser to a pencil?
    a. Snype
    b. Ferrule
    c. Eraser band
    d. Clip
  6. The revolving star on the back of a cowboy's spur?
    a. Star
    b. Stab
    c. Tack
    d. Rowel
  7. The loop on the belt that keeps the belt in place after it is passed through the buckle?
    a. Locker
    b. Stayfast
    c. Opus
    d. Keeper
  8. The part of a knife, fork, file, or other small instrument that projects into the handle to hold the utensil in place?
    a. Spear
    b. Tang
    c. Shaft
    d. Point

See the end of this newsletter for the correct answers.

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Answers to "The Lighter Side":

1. Aglet
2. Kick or punt
3. Harp
4. Dragees
5. Ferrule
6. Rowel
7. Keeper
8. Tang