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Company News
Complete our PLC survey for a chance to win a BOSE Wave® radio
Automation NotebookIf you are a PLC user, take some time to fill out the PLC user survey at Questions are centered around the most popular PLC applications of today, and the fastest growing newer PLC applications being brought to market. The results of the survey will be used for the “PLC Speaking” column in the next issue of Automation Notebook. If your company uses PLCs, or is planning to use PLCs, complete this online survey and be entered in a drawing to win one of five BOSE Wave® radios. (The drawing will take place December 16, 2004.)

Schedule for InterConnecting Automation training
Interconnecting Automation delivers training to customers using AutomationDirect products. Following is the schedule for training classes in the next few months:

Intro class:   Advanced Class:   PID Class:

1-3, 2005
Irvine, CA

7-9, 2004
Atlanta, GA (This
class will be held at AutomationDirect)

14-15, 2004
Atlanta, GA (This
class will be held at AutomationDirect)

For more information on InterConnecting Automation classes,
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New Products

Screwless terminal blocks now available

Screwless Terminal BlocksA line of screwless terminal blocks has been added to AutomationDirect’s offering of connection systems. The line features feed-through, double-level, one-to-two connection, two-to-two connection, knife blade disconnect, and screwless ground terminal blocks. Accessories such as DIN rail, end brackets and covers, angled support brackets, jumper bars and marking accessories, round out the offering. Prices for screwless terminal blocks start at $0.48 per piece (sold in quantity).
More information on screwless terminal blocks

8-channel sink/source module for Terminator I/O

T1H-08TDS Field I/O An 8-channel, isolated 2 amp DC output module is now available for the Terminator I/O line of field I/O products, a practical network I/O solution for remote I/O, PC-based control, and distributed control applications. The module features electronic overcurrent protection and eight fully isolated channels with sink or sourcing wiring options. The module has a voltage range of 5-36 VDC and sells for $149.
More information on field I/O

DataLynx data collection software provides data logging and storage

AutomationDirect now offers DataLynx data collection software, an inexpensive data logging and storage package for remotely located PLCs or other device that support MODBUS and a modem connection. DataLynx is an ideal solution for collecting data from remote locations or relaying data from multiple locations back to a single location to be stored. The software offers easy setup with no programming or SCADA system required. Four packages are available to support up to one, five, ten or an unlimited number of PLCs. The packages range in price from $395 to $1,495.
More information on DataLynx

Think&Do WinPLC package Think and Do Live! programming package offers control and connectivity

A Think & Do Live! software programming pack for AutomationDirect’s DL205 WinPLC is now available. The package offers WinPLC users a low-cost development environment with the same control and connectivity features as the standard Think & Do Live! package for applications that do not require separate PC HMI screens. The Think & Do Live! WinPLC programming pack features flowchart logic, simple I/O configuration, WinPLC ModbusTCP Ethernet port and Modbus RTU serial port drivers, and OPC Client and server. The package is priced at $695 and includes one development system license on CD-ROM, a Certificate of Integrity, and user manual.
More information on Think and Do Live!
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Online Spotlite

MCCBsMolded Case Circuit Breaker line now offered
AutomationDirect has introduced a line of Cutler-Hammer Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) that offers UL489 listed performance for branch circuit overcurrent protection and disconnecting means. The circuit breakers’ small size saves panel space, compared to standard breakers or comparable fusible devices. Prices for the new line start at $139. A line of accessories is also available for the MCCBs.
More information on MCCBs

2-pole supplementary protectorNew models added to supplementary protector line

2-pole versions of the Cutler-Hammer WMS line of supplementary protectors are now offered, in addition to existing 3-pole and 1-pole models. The 2-pole protectors are available in models ranging from 6-60 amps and are priced at $14.
More information on supplementary protectors
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Support Solutions

Retrofitting lathes with DURApulse drives
By Luis Miranda, AutomationDirect Tech Support

Our technical support group has received several calls from customers who are interested in refurbishing the drive system for their lathes.

Small lathes, up to about 5” center over the bed, typically have some sort of transmission to vary the speed of the spindle. Typically these use a motor (5 HP and above), turning at a constant velocity, and running through a gear-reducer that allows the user to select up to 12 or more fixed speeds. Higher-end models also are available in variable speed motors that allow the spindle to operate at speeds from 20 to 3,500 RPM.

AutomationDirect’s drive/motor combo packages allow a DC motor-driven or gear reducer-driven spindle to be retrofitted with an AC system at a low price. These packages come in a variety of sizes from 1 HP to 100 HP and include a DURApulse drive and a Marathon inverter or vector-duty AC induction motor. Retrofitting a spindle with an AC drive allows the spindle speed to be controlled at virtually an infinite number of speeds in the range of the motor from 20 to 3,600 RPM. The speed can be adjusted for the specific needs of the application, and by using an AC induction motor, maintenance costs are greatly reduced over those of a DC motor.

The example to follow outlines typical considerations when retrofitting a spindle drive:

A customer had an existing 2 HP DC motor with a C-face mounting, running at speeds of 50 to 1,250 rpm, and by weakening the fields, extended the speed range to 3,600 RPM. First, the motor torque required to run the system was determined using the following formula:

T= HP * 5250 / RPM = 2 * 5250 / 1250 = 8.4 ft-lbs.

An AC drive and motor combination that could deliver the same or better torque at the spindle was necessary. As seen in the graph below, a gear reducer (fixed speed) increases torque at speeds below the motor's base speed. DC and AC motors can produce a constant torque essentially from zero up to base speed. In all cases, torque reduces as speed increases over the base speed of the motor.
Spindle Torque vs. Speed chart

In this situation, we first selected the Y540 2 HP motor that has 9 lb.-ft. at 1,160 RPM to see if it would fit the system. However, this motor only reaches 2,315 RPM maximum at constant horsepower. Next, we tried the Y999 3 HP motor, which also delivers 9 lb.-ft. This motor, however, can reach 3,540 RPM maximum at constant horsepower and is an inverter-duty motor designed specifically to run with an AC drive.

The motor needed to be matched with a DURApulse drive. Assuming available supply power was 230 VAC 3-phase, a GS3-23P0 3 HP drive could be matched with the Y999 motor. (If a 230 VAC single supply is the only supply available, a suitable GS2 model drive can be used in the system as well.)

  • In summary, there are many advantages to retrofitting lathes with AC motor and drives systems, some of which include:
  • Increased torque, over the DC motor, is available over the range of 20 to 3,115 RPM
  • The efficiency of the AC system is better than the corresponding DC system
  • The price for this package in Nov. 2004 is $606.00, much less than a corresponding DC package
  • The Y999 motor has a 182TC frame with C face mounting and foot mounting for convenience
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Tech Talk

Application of the month: Wastewater injection control and monitoring system gets new life with the DL205 family of PLCs

Products used: DL205, F2-CP128, RSSS remote I/O, various I/O

Description: PrimmTech Corporation, along with New System Technology, both of Houston, TX, re-engineered and retrofitted a wastewater injection control and monitoring system using the DL205 family of PLCs. The DL205 system performs 15-minute averaging and daily min/max data logging using the F2-CP128 coprocessor. The averaging and min/max calculations are performed in the DL260 in stage-based ladder with the 7-day data log being implemented in the F2-CP128. The DL260 also performs parallel PID control of system flow using proportional valves and a variable-speed motor drive pump. PID state management is performed in stage ladder. The DL260 plant control and monitoring ladder is written almost completely in stage logic to significantly reduce code complexity and length and improve program interpretation and maintenance. The DL260 performs complex tank volume calculations in ladder as well as all analog floating point engineering unit co! nversions and alarm limit checks. An SMTP alarm messaging system uses the DL260, AutomationDirect OPC server, and custom OPC/SMTP client for 24-hour alarm annunciation to cell phones or pagers. 15-minute and hourly data is retrieved and logged by a custom OPC/Database client that also produces daily, monthly and quarterly reports.

Submitted by: Pierce Primm, PrimmTech Corporation

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own
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The Lighter Side

4th Graders complete the phrases

Better be safe than…punch a 5th grader
You can lead a horse to water but…how?
Don’t bite the hand that…looks dirty.
You can’t teach an old dog…new math.
The pen is mightier than the…pigs.
Where there’s smoke, there’s…pollution.
A penny saved is…not much.
Two’s company, three’s…the Musketeers.
Children should be seen and not…spanked or grounded.

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