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Come visit us at National Manufacturing Week

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Schedule for Interconnecting Automation training

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100 Mb Ethernet modules added to Direct LOGIC PLC line

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Editor's note:
Welcome to the first issue of 2005.
We hope your holiday season was wonderful and you've made a great start to the New Year. Here at AutomationDirect, we are looking forward to a year filled with product launches, a new catalog, the continuation of our company magazine, Automation Notebook and much, much more

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Company News
Come visit us at National Manufacturing Week
AutomationDirect will once again have a booth at National Manufacturing Week in Chicago (March 7-10). Come visit us in booth #4411 for demos, product information, or just to meet some of our staff and pick up some goodies (and maybe even a prize!)
For more information on National Manufacturing Week, visit

Schedule for InterConnecting Automation training
Interconnecting Automation delivers training to customers using AutomationDirect products. Following is the schedule for training classes in the next few months:

Intro class:  
  PID Class:

1-3, 2005
Irvine, CA

5-7, 2005
Atlanta, GA*


1-3, 2005
Milwaukee , WI

26-28, 2005
Atlanta, GA*

3-5, 20054
Atlanta, GA*

*These classes will be held at AutomationDirect headquarters
For more information on InterConnecting Automation classes,

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New Products

H2-ECOM100100 Mb Ethernet modules added to Direct LOGIC PLC line
AutomationDirect now offers a 100 Mb Ethernet I/O base controller module and Ethernet communication module for their Direct LOGIC line of PLCs. Both modules are priced at $299.

The H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller module provides a low-cost, high-performance Ethernet link between DL205 I/O and a PC-based control system or WinPLC/DL205/ DL405 CPUs using AutomationDirect 's Ethernet Remote Master module for remote I/O. The module can also be used to connect your DL205 I/O to a MODBUS TCP/IP client (master). The module is compatible with TCP/IP, IPX and MODBUS TCP/IP protocols for flexible PC communications. EBC modules offer virtually unlimited number of I/O points, deterministic I/O updates on dedicated networks, and fast I/O updates (<1ms per base). An on-board serial port is available for connection to operator panels, ASCII In/Out, etc.

PC-based control software is available that is ready to use with the H2-EBC100 module. These packages are equipped with compatible I/O device drivers, program development tools, and run-time environments.

The H2-ECOM100 supports the industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol in addition to standard IP and IPX protocols. This allows a DL205 PLC with an H2-ECOM100 module to serve as a client (master) or as a server (slave) on a MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet network. The H2-ECOM100 can actively issue MODBUS commands to other nodes or devices on the MODBUS TCP/IP network or simply respond to connected MODBUS TCP/IP clients.

Free NetEdit3 Software ships with the H2-ECOM100 User Manual and is used to configure the modules for a network. Flexible addressing allows the choice of protocols and identifying methods. Each module can be assigned a number, a name or both. An IP address is not necessary, but can be used if necessary for the network. NetEdit3 uses two protocols for PC-to-PLC communications: IPX and TCP/IP.
More information on 100Mb Ethernet modules
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Online Spotlite
Screwless Terminal Blocks

Screwless terminal blocks now available
A line of screwless terminal blocks has been added to AutomationDirect 's offering of terminal blocks. The line features feed-through, double-level, one-to-two connection, two-to-two connection, knife blade disconnect, and screwless ground terminal blocks.
More information on Screwless Terminal Blocks

8-channel sink/source DC source module now available for Terminator I/O line

T1H-08TDS Field I/O An 8-channel, isolated 2 amp DC output module is now available for AutomationDirect 's Terminator I/O line of field I/O products, a practical network I/O solution for remote I/O, PC-based control, and distributed control applications.
More information on field I/O

DataLynx data collection software provides data logging and storage

AutomationDirect now offers DataLynx data collection software, an inexpensive data logging and storage package for remotely located PLCs or other device that support MODBUS and a modem connection.
More information on DataLynx

Think&Do WinPLC package New Think and Do Live! programming package offers control and connectivity

A Think & Do Live! software programming pack for AutomationDirect 's DL205 WinPLC is now available. The package offers WinPLC users a low-cost development environment with the same control and connectivity features as the standard Think & Do Live! package for applications that do not require separate PC HMI screens.
More information on Think and Do Live!

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Tech Talk

Application of the month: DL05 PLC performs temperature comparisons to keep printed circuit board lines running

Products used: DL05 PLC

Description: We are a contract electronics manufacturer. When building printed circuit boards, we have some lines run in a “U” pattern (i.e., a plain card gets components placed and soldered on the top side, then the card is automatically flipped over, and the card gets components placed and soldered on the bottom side). These lines run automatically with motorized conveyors.

Because the cards go through a reflow oven to complete the soldering, we were running into problems where, on occasion, a card was too hot for processing the bottom. If an operator was not there to physically "feel" each card, problems would occur when trying to process the hot card. The solution was a DL05 with a thermocouple input module. An infrared thermocouple and a "board present" photoelectric sensor are the inputs. The DL05 will do a temperature comparison when it "sees" a board. If the temperature is acceptable, the PLC sends a signal to the conveyor to advance the board. If the temperature is too hot, an alarm light is activated and the system waits until the board cools down before sending the signal to the conveyor.

Submitted by: Mike Piotrowski, Celestica Inc.

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own
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The Lighter Side

With his heart rate increasing steadily, the secret agent lined up behind the scientists who were walking towards the internal gate. Thanks to his forged documentation, he was able to pass through the two previous gates. He was aware that to get right inside the missile launch-pad, he would need to supply a password. He had been informed that the password changed daily. Only his extreme cool and many years of training enabled him to contain the fear.

The two scientists in front of him reached the gate, which was patrolled by machine-gun wielding soldiers. He strained to hear the voices of the people ahead of him in the queue.

"Twelve?" asked the guard.

"Six," replied the first scientist.

The first scientist strode through the gate as the second one walked to the guard.

"Six?" asked the guard.

"Three," replied the second scientist and walked through.

Relief and confidence spread through the agent; the method that drove the questions and answers was trivial. He stepped forward.

"Nine?" asked the guard.

The agent hesitated for a split second. This was an unpredicted complication, but his arduous conditioning allowed him to remain calm and as sharp as a razor blade. "Four and a half," he answered without blinking.

Quite suddenly, the entire area was filled with floodlights. Alarm sirens broke the silence of the otherwise peaceful night. In a fraction of a second the agent realized his mistake. He tried to turn on his heels and run, but instantly felt the cold barrel of a machine-gun pressed against his neck.

What was the secret agent's fatal mistake? Click for Answer

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Answer to “The Lighter Side”: The answers given were the number of letters in the question. When asked "Nine?" the secret agent should have answered "Four".


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