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Take the Automation IQ Challenge and win cool stuff!

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H2-EBC/ECOM100 modules win Editor's Choice Award

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Schedule for Interconnecting Automation training

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Editor's note:
We're off to a busy start in the New Year! We have many new products to release in the upcoming months; unfortunately, some of these were not quite ready to make this issue of the newsletter. We are working hard to include all the electrical control products you need so we can be your one-stop supplier. If you will be attending National Manufacturing Week® in Chicago next month, visit us at booth #4411. You'll get a sneak peek at some of these soon-to-be-introduced products. If you can't be there, rest assured we'll tell you about them as soon as they're ready for prime time!

We always welcome your comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter.
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Company News National Manufacturing Week
Take the Automation I.Q. Challenge and win cool stuff
We're back at National Manufacturing Week in Chicago (March 7-10), and have a lot of fun planned for you. Visit us in booth #4411 and take our Automation I.Q Challenge
(developed by our partner BizWareDirect) for a chance to win cool techie prizes like Craftsman® Laser Tool Kits and an Apple iPod®. A timed challenge at each of three equipment stations requires a basic knowledge of control system components like PLCs and drives. Get a fun AutomationDirect in 2004 at National Manufacturing just for playing, and if you're high scorer of the day, you'll win a Laser Tool Kit. And all qualified participants will be entered in the drawing for an Apple iPod! After you play, take some time to say Hi to our technical people, and see product displays and working demonstrations for PLCs, operator interfaces, and a lot more. See you there! For more information on National Manufacturing Week, visit

H2-EBC/ECOM100 modules win
Editors' Choice Award
Control Engineering Editro's Choice Award
AutomationDirect has been selected to receive a 2004 Control Engineering Editors' Choice Award for the H2-EBC and ECOM 100 EthernetH2- ECOM100 & H2-EBC100 modules. This award represents the opinions of the editors that the products are among the most significant innovations featured in Control Engineering magazine during the past year. These modules bring high-speed data exchange for I/O control or peer networking among DL205 PLCs.
More information on 100Mb Ethernet modules

Schedule for InterConnecting Automation training
Interconnecting Automation delivers training to customers using AutomationDirect products. Following is the schedule for training classes in the next few months:

Intro class:  
  PID Class:
5-7, 2005
Atlanta, GA*

10-12, 2005
Milwaukee, WI
1-3, 2005
Milwaukee , WI

26-28, 2005
Atlanta, GA*
3-5, 2005
Atlanta, GA*

*These classes will be held at AutomationDirect headquarters
For more information on InterConnecting Automation classes,

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Online SpotliteH2-ECOM100
100 Mb Ethernet modules added to Direct LOGIC PLC line

AutomationDirect offers a 100 Mb Ethernet I/O base controller module and Ethernet communication module for their Direct LOGIC line of PLCs. Both modules are priced at $299.
The H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller module provides a high-performance Ethernet link between DL205 I/O and a PC-based control system or WinPLC/DL205/ DL405 CPUs using AutomationDirect's Ethernet Remote Master module for remote I/O. The module can also be used to connect DL205 I/O to a MODBUS TCP/IP client (master). An on-board serial port is available for connection to operator panels, ASCII In/Out, etc. The H2-ECOM100 module supports the industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol in addition to standard IP and IPX protocols. This module allows a DL205 PLC to serve as a client (master) or as a server (slave) on a MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet network.

More information on 100Mb Ethernet modules
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Tech Talk

Application of the month: Aging pen-chart recorders get a boost from DL205 PLCs and DataWorx PLC Professional

Products used: DL205, H2-ECOM Ethernet communication module,
and DataWorx PLC Professional

Description: Our customer manufactures large plastic parts through molding or other processes and had several pen chart recorders in need of replacement. They were used to record whenever a product was made, and with over 50 machines on the factory floor, it was time-consuming to read the data when it was produced on paper rolls. Syzygyn Ltd was asked to propose an alternative solution, which was initially to use the DL250 PLC plus DataWorx PLC V1.2 software, communicating through an H2-ECOM Ethernet module. However, once the customer realized he could get data into his PC without a SCADA package, he wanted to go the final mile and put the data directly into his SQL database. AutomationDirect advised us that Inteworx (now named BizWareDirect) had another product, Dataworx PLC Professional, which indeed would allow data to be sent directly to an ACCESS or SQL database. The package has proved exceptional in its ease of installation and use.

Submitted by: Gordon Keeling, Syzygyn Ltd

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own
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The Lighter Side

If you are planning to take the Automation I.Q. Challenge at our booth at National Manufacturing Week in March, you might want to take this Basic Electricity Quiz to test your knowledge first. If you score less than 50% on this test, you might want to opt out of the Challenge. (Check your answers at the end of this newsletter). Good luck!

Basic Electricity Quiz

1. True or False: When hooking up a 220 Volt heater, you must use 220 Volt wire.

2. True or False: A keyless fixture cannot be unlocked.

3. True or False: When dealing with conduit, the O.D. must be larger than the I.D. or the hole will be on the outside.

4. True or False: A circuit breaker reads 20 on the handle. This means it will trip 20 times and then fail.

5. True or False: The gauge of wire tells you how many plugs you can connect to it.

6. True or False: Service entrance cable purchased from a supply house with current already in it is very dangerous to install.

7. True or False: High voltage wire is generally used in the upper floors of a high rise, while low voltage wire is used in the basement and subfloors.

8. True or False: If you have a molded case circuit breaker, the mold can be removed with a mild diuretic.

9. True or False: If you plug a 110 Volt device into a 120 Volt source, the extra 10 volts will leak out onto the ground and cause a fault.

10. True or False: A flush mounted device can only be mounted upstream from a toilet.

Click for Answers

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