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Editor's note:
Summer magazine to focus on code
Michael Eby, Editor-in-Chief of EC&M magazine, said it very well in his May 2005 Industry Viewpoint column entitled "Work Smarter, Not Harder" (see Eby talks about the risks of adopting a "no pain, no gain" approach a bit too literally when it comes to daily work activities. For example, shortcuts or bodily abuse with regard to physical activity can easily lead to acute injury or even a long-term disability. Here at AutomationDirect, we've chosen to look at some other ways to work smarter and not harder. Specifically, our next quarterly magazine will discuss the importance of staying abreast of the most recent industrial code changes and responding with needed change or corrective action. Check our cover story for a quiz to determine if you're up-to-date and watch for another article on EN 418 Directives. You can read these articles online after August 25, as well as view back issues at

We always welcome your comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter.
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Company News
Brand new catalog shipped in mid-JuneAutomationdirect catalog
Our new catalog is hot off the press and in the mail! This expanded 1750-page volume is filled with product descriptions, colorful photos, technical specifications, and a comprehensive price list for more than 5500 products. Among several other new offerings, we've expanded our motion control line to include steppers, and added to our family of power products with improved DC switching power supplies and a large assortment of Edison fuses. And the list doesn't end there; let's not forget molded case circuit breakers, non-fused disconnects, screwless terminal blocks, and non-metal enclosures. Producing the catalog is a company-wide effort and we're anxious to share it with you. So, if you haven't received your hardcopy or CD-ROM, please go online to request either or both. Or call us at 1-800-633-0405 and we'll send you one without delay!

RSS feed keeps Web visitors informed
RSS @ AutomationDirect
News comes fast at AutomationDirect. We are continually introducing new products, improving existing products, and enhancing our Online Store. While we'd like to think that our Web site is a daily destination, we know in reality that is likely just one of the many sites that you visit, and that keeping up with the latest news can be very difficult.  To help you stay on top, we've begun publishing our own RSS feed. It's updated any time we have news such as a new product, updated firmware, a new issue of Automation Notebook, and so on.

What is RSS?  RSS is basically a file format used by Web sites to syndicate news.  Using free or inexpensive programs called newsreaders (or "aggregators"), it is possible to track dozens or even hundreds of Web sites for updates in a very small amount of time.  Your newsreader automatically scans the RSS feeds you specify, so you don't have to visit each site individually wondering if anything has changed.   News comes to you on your schedule.  RSS feeds (also called "news feeds") are all over the Web - major media like the New York Times and the BBC all the way down to individual weblogs and our site offer news via RSS. Are you already reading RSS feeds?  Subscribe to our RSS feed
If you're curious and would like to learn more about RSS and newsreaders, this Wall Street Journal column is a good place to start:

Teamers Make Initial Move as Facilities Growth CommencesAutomationDirect Headquarters, just north of Atlanta, GA USA
Among the recent signs of the times here at headquarters was a group of employees moving approximately 100 yards from our main building to a newly converted warehouse that's now an office suite. It's all about growth. Our total product listings have soared from 100 to 5500 in only 10 years and with more products, come more employees; we've simply outgrown the building we first occupied in 1996. We're pleased with the prospect of continued economic health and appreciate the commitment of our loyal customers. Thank you for allowing us to continue serving you without compromise.

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New Products
Rhino™ series of DC switching power supplies availableRHINO power supplies
The RHINO line of power supplies includes several new metal and plastic-housed switching supply models. RHINO PSM series switching DC power supplies are available in 12 or 24 VDC adjustable output models. Innovative features of the RHINO PSM line include a redundancy module for configuring a redundant power system without additional components; a battery control module suitable for creating a DC uninterrupted power supply system and charging and monitoring an external battery; and a buffer module for maintaining output voltages of a 24 VDC power supply after brownouts or voltage dips of up to 200 ms for 25 amps. Prices for PSM models start at $86. Two new models of the Rhino PSP series now offer 5V and 12V adjustable output voltages.

More information on RHINO power supplies

Edison fuse line has multiple applicationsEdison fuses
The Edison Line of fuse products includes a wide variety of fuses and accessories used in several applications. Edison Fuse is a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, the worldwide leader in circuit protection. All Edison fuses can be cross referenced and used as replacement for other name-brand fuses. We're pleased to carry the most popular 13/32" x 1-1/2" size Current Limiting Class CC and the Class M Midget general purpose fuses for industrial control applications, including both time-delay and fast-acting protection. All fuses are compact in size and offered in boxes of 10 at prices ranging from $7 to $50 per box. Also available are companion DIN rail mount fuse holders and panel-mount fuse blocks.

More information on Edison fuses

Ethernet Module H0-ECOM100 offers networking flexibilityEthernet Module HO-ECOM100
The H0-ECOM Ethernet Communication Modules represent a price breakthrough for high-speed, peer-to-peer networking of PLCs. The H0-ECOM100 supports the industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol in addition to the standard IP and IPX protocols, allowing a DL05 or DL06 PLC to serve as a client (master) or as a server (slave) on a MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet network. Link your PLCs with PCs using industry-standard cables, hubs, and repeaters. Or, use our KEPDirect I/O Server to link to your favorite HMI/SCADA, data historian, MES or ERP software to DirectLOGIC PLCs. Our LookoutDirect HMI and our DataWorx data collection software include ECOM drivers. DirectSOFT32 Programming software can be used to monitor or update the program in any DirectLOGIC PLC on the network. Free NetEdit3 software ships with the ECOM Module User Manual for setting up the ECOM modules for your network.

More information on H0-ECOM Ethernet Communication Modules

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New Products
115 VAC models added to the GS2 AC drives seriesGS2 AC drives
The new 0.25 hp, 0.5 hp and 1.0 hp GS2 AC drives have a 115V single-phase input and a 230V three-phase output. These 115V drives can easily be used in environments where a 230V supply is not available and in such applications as fans, pumps, and general motor control. These new drives have all the same features as the 200V and 400V class of GS2 drives and start at $179.

More information on GS2 AC drives

Datanet OPC™ Web-based software is here DataNet OPC
DataNet OPC displays data from industrial devices on a Web page. The data is then available for viewing and printing reports from any computer, anywhere the Web is accessible, without the need for third-party software. The data is displayed in a table format and information can be refreshed at any interval. There is absolutely no HTML programming required to take advantage of DataNet OPC's many useful features.

More information on this software

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Tech Talk

Nearby Documentation Key
When asked to respond to a recent survey on variable-speed drives and optimizing productivity, Tom Matyas, ADC Motion Control Product Manager, offered this advice for end-users:

  Failing to post a schematic in the panel or near the drive can be a real drawback. When problems occur, the personnel who respond may not have the system documentation. Most drive inputs are now programmable, and their purpose is not easily deduced without proper documentation. That's why the control mode and other control-specific information should be prominently displayed, along with I/O connections. Time lost while troubleshooting due to poor or non-existent documentation is non-productive and unnecessary. End users should maintain an offline backup of all drive parameters and settings. This can be helpful when a damaged drive must be replaced, or when checking to see if any parameters have been changed. The ability to quickly revert to a known, good set of drive parameters can be critical in reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

View our entire collection of Application Stories or submit one of your own

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The Lighter Side

Constantly Complaining About the Temperature
A customer was bothering the waiter in a restaurant. First, he asked that the air conditioning be turned up because he was too hot, then he asked it be turned down because he was too cold, and so on for about half an hour.

Surprisingly, the waiter was very patient, He walked back and forth and never once got angry. So finally, a second customer asked him why he didn't throw out the pest.

"Oh, I really don't care or mind," said the waiter with a smile. "We don't even have an air conditioner."

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