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Volume 8 Issue 5, July 2006
We hope you find this issue of our e-mail update of what's new at AutomationDirect informative and, at times, a little amusing.
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Editor's note:

Fire up the Bar-B...
Now that summer is in full swing, I guess you've probably noticed the annual competition. However, you never see coverage of this great sport on the evening news. I'm talking about the friendly, yet unspoken, competition where men strut their stuff in all neighborhoods and subdivisions across this nation. It's the good old cookout. Every year, without saying a word, men proudly step out onto their patios and decks, in an almost ritualistic manner, to unveil the latest in charbroiling technology hoping to ignite the jealousy of all the neighbors. Whether it's propane, natural gas, charcoal, wood, or even electric, each man has the number one reason why his is the best. Maybe it's a smoker; maybe it has a rotisserie; maybe it has side burners; cast iron grates; porcelain coated; it's all stainless...whatever.

Let's face it, man loves to grill. As a matter of fact, my family and I have guests over every couple weeks just to fire up my three-burner, electric start, stainless, propane grill with chrome temp controls. I don't even care if they're not my friends. If it's a chance to grill, I'm there.

Speaking of grilling, in a different sense, we at AutomationDirect are always seeking ways to make your applications less grilling. Our product managers are constantly searching for the latest products to improve industrial control.

This month, you'll learn about a new AC drives class that will start up in the fall. Plus, be sure to check out how a company in Ohio keeps cool during the hot summer months. Read on to find what's new, and, if you'll excuse me, I think I see someone jogging down the road. I wonder if he likes bratwurst...

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Company News

AC Drives Training Classes Coming This Fall

For the past 10 years, Doug Bell's Interconnecting Automation Inc. has conducted training courses focused on the DirectLOGIC PLC families. We receive numerous comments from satisfied attendees regarding the thoroughness of the seminars and hands-on training received.

ICA_drives_PDFDoug has announced the addition of a basic AC Variable Frequency Drives training seminar. Seminars will be held throughout the country; with the first one slated for September at our Cumming, GA headquarters.

The two-day seminar will be filled with useful information and hands-on training covering the basics of AC induction motors and VFDs. Topics for the seminars include:

  • AC induction motor and variable frequency drive fundamentals
  • VFD power circuit analysis
  • Installation requirements
  • Hands-on exercises in programming VFDs for various applications
  • Networking VFDs
  • Best practices in preventive and corrective maintenance

Joining forces with Doug is instructor David Cavanaugh of Superior Drives Service, Inc. After a 20-year career as an interior Communication Electrician and Gas Turbine Systems Electrical Technician, David retired as a U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. Additionally, he spent 19 years as a Field Service and Technical Support Engineer, specializing in eddy-current and adjustable frequency drives and soft starters for Eaton Electrical. Cavanaugh also has experience with maintenance and repair of control systems for rail transit systems.

David's teaching experience includes three years as a Navy instructor on gas turbines. He currently serves as Technical Training Manager for Superior Drives Services, Inc. where he develops and conducts technical training and assists with Field Service.

Both Interconnecting Automation and Superior Drives Services, Inc. encourage you to bring your own applications so they can show how VFDs can be used in your facilities.

For the schedule and locations of this informative seminar, go to: Interconnecting Automation Inc. or call 414-425-8348

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Product Short Takes

Fast talking H4-ECOM100
h4-ecomThe H4-ECOM100 Ethernet communication module for DirectLOGIC DL405 PLCs makes communication faster than ever. The H4-ECOM100 ($359) can be inserted into any I/O slot of any local DL405 base to implement master/slave Ethernet communication at 10 or 100 Mbit data rates. This module supports industry standard MODBUS TCP/IP Client/Server protocol, in addition to standard IP and IPX protocols, and responds to connected MODBUS TCP/IP clients It can also be configured to actively issue MODBUS commands to other nodes or devices on the network. The H4-ECOM100 can be configured to serve as an email client to send specified messages to email addresses. The module ships with NetEdit3 software to configure ECOM modules for networking and PLC-to-PLC communications.

More information on H4-ECOM100

Application Corner

With summer upon us, many manufacturing facilities will experience sharp rises in warehouse cooling costs. With help from Sprinkool T Systems International, Inc. in Killen, AL, General Tool Company in Cincinnati found a way to help keep not only their building but also their accounting department cool. Read how the roof mist sprinkling system reduces temperatures inside warehouses and saves money in the User Solutions section of Automation NOTEBOOK.

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Tech Talk

New C-more software version now available!
C-more HMI softwareC-more HMI

Version is now shipping, and available for download.

C-more Programming Software now supports data-logging, panel pass-through, and expands foreign language support.

Owners of any previous version can download the new version at no charge, and the demo version is also a free download.

Visit our tech support site to download the software or the demo.

  • Data Logging
    Up to 16 PLC tags per trend object can be logged periodically, or whenever a trigger tag is activated. Use up to 16 trend objects and log data from a total of 256 tags. Data can be stored onto compact flash cards, or to USB flash drives. Programmers can even setup the event manager so the C-more panel can e-mail or FTP the log data to a remote computer. More on the Data logging feature.

  • Panel Pass Through
    The "Panel Pass-through" feature allows a C-more panel to access PLC data from PLCs attached to other C-more panels via an Ethernet connection. More information on Panel Pass Through.

  • Enhanced Foreign Language Support
    C-more now supports even more languages: Chinese, Chinese (Taiwan), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, & Thai. Programmers can enter alternate text and labels for C-more objects in up to 9 languages, and then operators can switch between languages with the push of a button. The Language Database can even be exported to a spreadsheet, sent to your translator and imported back into your project, saving hours of development time. Learn more about multiple language support.

To check out our extensive library of technical help, visit our support site.

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The Lighter Side

With Independence Day just behind us, our professional research staff has found some interesting statements and questions made to tour guides by visitors to different national monuments, parks, and battlefields. Here are just a few actual questions that have been asked:

  • "Why aren't there any bullet holes in the monuments?"
  • "Did the soldiers hide behind the monuments?"
  • "How come all of the battles were fought on National Park Service land?"
  • "Did you fight in the Civil War?"
  • "Where did they store the monuments when the battle was going on?"
  • "They actually had rope back then?"
  • "How do you get all the flags to fly in the same direction?"
  • "What does it feel like to be hit by the bullets?"
  • "How many port-a-potties did the Union buy during the Civil War?"
  • "How come the soldiers didn't sleep in a hotel?"
  • (On a guided tour of Devil's Den and Little Round Top at Gettysburg) "Were these rocks here during the Civil War?"
  • After lecturing a fifth grade class about participating in Civil War reenactments, a gentleman, in battle costume, thought he would surprise his son and say hello to his second grade class. He was met at the door by a young man who was the student teacher. The student teacher looked at him from head to toe and proceeded to ask if he was dressed as a PILGRIM!!!

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