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Volume 8 Issue 8, November 2006
We hope you find this issue of our e-mail update of what's new at AutomationDirect informative and, at times, a little amusing.
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Editor's note:

Fa La La La La

Halloween has come and gone, we've eaten so much turkey and ham we're starting to grow feathers and curly tails. But we're only half way there! Christmas will be here in a few extremely short weeks, and then we have to deal with New Year's Day festivities. Oh yeah, and don't forget the Super Bowl will be here soon too.

With all the culinary possibilities, I am reminded of all the industrial control possibilities found at AutomationDirect. With over 6,000 parts available, our sales and technical support teams will help you meet virtually any control need you have. Read on for exciting news about our new training site,, as well as our usual departments. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to contact the local insulin provider. I think they need to start an additional shift . . .

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Company News

FREE online videos - learn.automationdirect.comFREE online videos
After many hours of planning, designing, coding, testing, and re-testing, our newest Web site is up and running. is the place to go to view video tutorials on a variety of industrial control topics. Now, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can watch one to 30 minute segments covering product categories including PLCs, operator interfaces, software, sensors, motor control, drives and motors, and more.

This new learning site will continue to grow as we add videos covering more products and general information about industrial control. Each page of also has a link to our suggestions page where you can provide feedback and suggestions on information currently on the site. You can also provide input regarding any tutorial video you would like to see added.

Be sure to check out Make the site a bookmark in your Favorites section on your Internet browser. We're sure you will return time and time again.

To see the site, go to

New Products

C-more Micro Touch PanelAdd an operator interface to even the smallest PLC system with the new C-more Micro-Graphic panels from AutomationDirect. These small yet powerful graphical panels are equipped with a 3-inch screen, five user-programmable function keys with LED indicators, five backlight colors, and 768Kb of project memory. Available in touch and non-touch models, C-more Micro panels display both text and bitmap graphics, and offer data entry, recipe handling and alarm capabilities. Backed with award-winning support and a money-back guarantee, prices start at $139.

More information on C-more Micro

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Product Short Takes

Ethernet switch great for deterministic control5-port Ethernet Switch
This 5-port Ethernet switch allows deterministic control by automatically determining and remembering the devices connected to the ports and routing messages only through the appropriate port. Designed for industrial environments, the E-SW05U can withstand extreme temperatures and dirty, unreliable industrial power. With features such as real-time 10Base-T/100 Base-T auto-negotiation, auto sensing for full duplex operation, and broadcast storm protection, this Ethernet switch can handle virtually any situation. The E-SW05U is “plug-n-play” and is 24 VDC powered. The E-SW05U is priced at $260.00.
More information on E-SW05U Ethernet switch

575V AC Drives575V Drives now available
AutomationDirect has expanded the GS2 variable frequency AC drives line to offer 575V drives. These new drives are ideal for motor speed control applications. Offering dynamic braking, PID, and a removable keypad, 575 VAC one to 10hp drives can be configured using either the built-in digital keypad or the standard RS485 serial communications port. GS2 drives are equipped with one programmable analog input, six programmable digital inputs, one programmable analog output, and two programmable relay outputs. The standard keypad allows configuring the AC drive to set speed, start and stop the drive, and monitor specific parameters during operation. 575V GS2 AC drives start at $262.00.

More information on GS AC Drives
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Application Corner

Updating equipment can be riveting

ITS, a design build firm in Columbus, Ohio specializing in industrial automation was recently contacted by a division of International Harvester that manufactures semi cabs. International Harvester uses automated machines to place aluminum rivets on sheeting that attaches to the frame of semi cabs. The original CNC machines were becoming antiquated and increasingly harder to maintain and were responsible for a steady decline in production numbers.

The production schedule for International Harvester was expected to increase and it was obvious the equipment would be a crucial link in the production chain. The company decided to look for a new solution. Newly refurbished equipment was to serve three primary functions, which the previous machines lacked: speed (the machines had to be faster), quality (the previous equipment used much more primitive products and as a result, the consistency of each part was poor and needed to be improved), user-friendliness (both from an operator's or maintenance person's standpoint).

ITS chose AutomationDirect's DL205 PLC with a D2-260 CPU as the controller for the new machines. An H2-CTRIO high-speed counter module drives a dual axis servo. Two 32-point DC input cards, a 32-point output card, an 8-point analog voltage input card, and an 8-point analog current output card also reside in the PLC base. An H2-ECOM Ethernet Communications card links the machines back to an office for data acquisition. ITS also added a 15-inch touch screen from AutomationDirect for diagnostics.

The new solution has increased productivity by approximately 30% and provides an easy way to run and maintain the machines. From in-depth diagnostic screens that greatly reduce downtime, to routine maintenance reminders based on cycle counts, the machines have greatly expanded their value in the production program for International Harvester.

For more of this story and a complete list of application stories, visit our

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The Lighter Side

So, You Burned the Bird?
Here are a dozen reasons to be thankful!

  • Salmonella won't be a concern
  • No one will overeat.
  • Everyone will think it's Cajun Blackened.
  • Uninvited guests will think twice next year.
  • Your cheese broccoli lima bean casserole will gain newly found appreciation.
  • Pets won't pester you for scraps.
  • The smoke alarm was due for a test.
  • Carving the bird will provide a good cardiovascular workout.
  • After dinner, the guys can take the bird to the yard and play football.
  • The less turkey Uncle George eats, the less likely he will be to walk around with his pants unbuttoned.
  • You'll get to the desserts quicker.
  • You won't have to face three weeks of turkey sandwiches.

Source: Craig Boldman and Pete Matthews, authors of Every Excuse in the Book: 714 Ways to Say "It's Not My Fault."

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